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Guo Wenqing Visits Las Bambas Copper Mine

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Guo Wenqing visits a stope in Las Bambas Cooper Mine

Guo Wenqing visits the processing plant in Las Bambas Cooper Mine

Guo Wenqing visits the central control room of the processing plant in Las Bambas Cooper Mine

Group photo of Guo Wenqing and the camp staff in Las Bambas Cooper Mine

On November 16, Minmetals General Manager & Leading Party Group Deputy Secretary Guo Wenqing went to Departamento de Apurímac for Bambas Copper Mine. During his visit, Guo Wenqing went to the stopes, copper concentrators, molybdenum processing plants and camps and other production and supporting facilities for inspection.

On behalf of the leadership and Chairman He Wenbo, Guo Wenqing extended his gratitude to the project management team and front-line staff for their hard work. He praised the project as a well-operated, wonderful, exciting and great project! He was very satisfied with the performance of MMG and the Las Bambas project team. Guo Wenqing encouraged all of those present, saying that since the successful restructuring of Minmetals and MCC in last December, the Chinese government has strategically re-positioned Minmetals as China’s best and a world-class metal and mining enterprise group, and Minmetals has established an ambitious strategic development goal, the Las Bambas Project being an important step. Guo Wenqing called for concerted efforts, scientific management, lean management, strict management, solid control of operating costs, and painstaking efforts to explore the potential of resources, so as to jointly realize the great vision of Minmetals.

Throughout his inspection, Guo Wenqing was accompanied by Michelmore, General Manager of MMG, Gustavo Gomes, President of Minera Las Bambas S.A. and other members of the management team. After the inspection, Guo Wenqing held a forum, being briefed by General Manager Michelmore and President Gomes upon their work. After thoroughly understanding some issues of great concern, including project transportation and community issues, Guo Wenqing said while doing a good job in grass-roots work, we should make good use of policy resources and the good opportunities of frequent high-level exchanges between China and Peru to properly solve relevant problems such as transportation.

Jiao Jian, Deputy General Manager and Party Member of Minmetals; Zhang Ye, Director of General Office & Party Group Office & Board Office of Minmetals; and Lu Zhifang, Chairman of China ENFI Engineering Corp.; were also present at the events.

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