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Tang Fuping Meets with MPI President Li Xinchuang

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On February 24, Mr. Tang Fuping, China Minmetals’ Chairman and Party Group Secretary, held a meeting with the visiting delegation headed by Mr. Li Xinchuang, Vice Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association and President and Party Secretary of China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (MPI). Both sides exchanged views on how to deepen cooperation.

Tang began by welcoming the guests and wishing them a happy new year. He praised the achievements the MPI made in recent years and recognized its business diversification strategy, “facilitating the implementation of relevant policies as a think tank for the government and providing tremendous support for the development of the metallurgical industry with expertise and insights.”

Tang then suggested signing a strategic cooperation agreement to deepen cooperation. He said, “We have deep connections in metal mining, metallurgical engineering, trade, logistics, finance and real estate, etc., and we will have more opportunities for communication and cooperation in the future. I hope we can build a sound communication mechanism to better exchange information and develop reciprocal and mutually supportive partnership.”

Li thanked Tang for the hospitality services and China Minmetals for its long-term support. He gave a brief account of the background, positioning and advantages of his institute and said, “We have stayed in close touch with many companies and provided premium services to them, assisting them in going global in recent years. We have maintained a long, sound partnership with China Minmetals and hope to provide more and better services for you.”

Then business heads of the MPI introduced their latest research findings and practices in mine development and planning, alliance, restructuring and green development of the metallurgical industry, logistics parks, iron & steel deep processing, smart manufacturing, and e-commerce and standardization of iron & steel business. Then both sides discussed topics of common interest such as relevant international conventions, the purchase of cloud platforms, the distribution and integration of logistics parks, the Belt and Road Initiative, the cost line of the mining industry and the deep-processing industrial chain.

Also present at the meeting was Feng Guiquan, China Minmetals’ Vice President and Party Group member, Fan Tiejun, Peng Feng, Guan Zhijie, Zhang Songbo, Shi Cantao, Huo Dongmei, and Chen Xing on the MPI side, and Zhang Mengxing, Shi She, Liu Qingchun, Zhang Ye, and Liu Lijun from the China Minmetals head office, MCC and Minmetals Development.

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