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Mr. Tang Fuping Meets With Mr. Nicolás Aguzin, Chairman of J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific

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On the afternoon of March 23, Mr. Tang Fuping, Chairman of China Minmetals met in Beijing with Mr. Nicolás Aguzin, Chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific. The two parties exchanged views on deepening cooperation and other topics of common concern.

Mr. Tang welcomed the delegation of Mr. Nicolás Aguzin and extended his gratitude to J.P. Morgan for its support and assistance to China Minmetals. He also introduced China Minmetals’ basic situation in the areas of internationalization, real economy development and reform of state-owned enterprises in recent years. He pointed out that China Minmetals is highly internationalized with large-size high-quality assets overseas. In recent years, China Minmetals is committed to the development of real economy. It has changed from a traditional trading company to a diversified industrial group focusing on metal mining. Besides, the ongoing state-owned enterprises reform in China gives new requirements to China Minmetals. The company has been actively exploring in relevant fields.

Mr. Tang said that China Minmetals and J.P. Morgan enjoy a friendly and long-lasting history of exchanges and cooperation, which has delivered fruitful results. China Minmetals expects better channels from J.P. Morgan for its development of overseas mining industry, and better services for the development of real economy in terms of investment and financing. In addition, J.P. Morgan has a deep understanding of “Chinese Characteristics” as it has cooperated with many central government-owned enterprises in China, China Minmetals hoped that the two parties will focus on new requirements of the reform of state-owned enterprises to further expand cooperation space, seek cooperation opportunities, and achieve common development.

Mr. Nicolás Aguzin extended his gratitude to Mr. Tang for his warm reception and congratulated him for his appointment to China Minmetals. He expressed that China Minmetals is one of the leading companies in the global metal mining industry and performs well in global investment, and both parties can seek wider cooperation in Latin America and other regions. J.P. Morgan is willing to take advantage of its talents and business foundation to provide better and higher quality services for China Minmetals, and help Chinese companies like China Minmetals to better “go global”, further expand overseas business and improve competitiveness.

At the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on cooperation opportunities in bond issue, global cash management, mix-ownership reform and overseas merger and acquisition as well as development and prospects of global economy and trade and other topics of common concern.

Others presented at the meeting were Li Yi, Piao Xueqian, Zhang Xiao from J.P. Morgan and Ren Zhufeng, Zhang Ye, Zhang Shuqiang and Li Yuzhuo from relevant departments of China Minmetals and Minmetals Capital.

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