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Guo Wenqing Meets with Polish JSW Group President Daniel Ozon

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On May 4, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals’ President and MCC Chairman met with Daniel Ozon, President of the Polish JSW Group, and the two sides exchanged views on further cooperation.

Mr. Guo extended a warm welcome to the guests, reviewed the friendly cooperation between the two sides, and briefed them on the development after the strategic recombination of China Minmetals and MCC, two Fortune 500 companies. Guo pointed out that China Minmetals has a global trading network, with the circulation scale of metallic mineral products ranking first in China. In the field of financial services, China Minmetals is one of the only three central SOEs licensed for all financial services and has strong capacity of investment, financing, and resources allocation. In the field of battery material resources for new energy vehicles, the company has not only succeeded in running the Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea, whose reserves rank among the world’s top three, but also accelerated the progress of battery material projects like the Changyuan Lico lithium-ion battery cathode materials project, the MCC Ramu’s Caofeidian lithium battery materials project, and China Minmetals salt lake lithium extraction project. MCC is the national team for metallurgical development and takes up 90% of the domestic market and 60% of the global market. It has outstanding management and operation capabilities in EPC projects and, in particular, its design and construction level of coking coal blast furnace ranks first in the world.

Mr. Guo noted that the Polish JSW Group is a partner highly valued by China Minmetals which is willing to further its cooperation with the Polish company in the construction of coking plants, development of new-energy power batteries, repurchase of mineral exploration rights of Polish JSW Group, and design of cooperative research plans, and send the best design, technology and construction teams to work for the cooperation projects. The two sides should set up a working group for special research, regular aligning, and in-depth exchanges so as to achieve win-win results and jointly promote the economic and trade development of China and Poland, Guo said.

After thanking Mr. Guo for his warm reception, Daniel Ozon said that China Minmetals has a high visibility and reputation in Poland and has made great contributions to the two countries’ friendly exchanges. In particular, the achievements of China Minmetals in recent years have further strengthened the confidence of Polish JSW Group in bilateral cooperation. In view that MCC’s construction quality, technical capacity, and automated management, especially low energy consumption and emissions have reached the world’s top level, Mr. Ozon hopes to deepen and expand the current cooperation so as to bring powerful Chinese strength to Poland, optimize the development environment for the coking coal, coke, and other industries in the EU, improve Polish JSW Group's self-production capacity and economic benefits, and make the new-energy power battery industry stronger. Based on the previous good cooperation, Polish JSW Group will spare no effort to support the cooperation projects and work with China to create new space for industrial cooperation between the two sides, he promises.

Zhang Zhaoxiang, China Minmetals’ Vice President and MCC's President attended the meeting. Also present at the talks were Tian Qing and Song Jian from China-Poland Economic and Cultural Exchange Foundation, as well as Zhang Mengxing, Xing Yan, Li Zhicong, Yu Zhendong, Xu Yongjie and Liang Qingshu from China Minmetals’ head office, MCC, Minmetals International, and Minmetals Development.

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