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Tang Fuping Meets with Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe CEO Goss

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On May 7, Tang Fuping, Chairman of China Minmetals, met in Beijing with Andreas J. Goss, CEO of Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, and the two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation.


Tang welcomed the delegation headed by Goss and reviewed the history of cooperation between China Minmetals and Thyssenkrupp Group, and the two sides made discussions on the development of the cooperative projects.

Tang noted that, in recent years, China Minmetals has been committed to its development in the field of the real economy and has grown from a traditional trading firm into a diverse industrial conglomerate focusing on metals and minerals. In the field of metals and minerals, China Minmetals runs a while industry chain ranging from resources acquisition, exploration, design, construction, mining, ore dressing, smelting, logistics, and trade. It takes the top place in tungsten, antimony and bismuth resources globally and belongs to the first-tier companies in the world for resources of copper, nickel, lead, and zinc; in the field of metallurgical construction, it takes up 90% of the domestic market shares and 60% of the global market shares, actively puts into practice the “Belt and Road” initiative, with business operations in a number of countries along the “Belt and Road”. Also, China Minmetals will advance the business development of iron and steel, raw materials, and deep processing of nonferrous metals, and promote business transformation and upgrading.

Tang said that the merger and restructuring of international iron & steel are of great significance to enterprises and the market, conducive to further enhancing the competitive strength of enterprises by drawing on each other’s strengths, and conducive to regulating industrial operations. He hoped that the new changes of the merger and restructuring can bring new opportunities to China Minmetals in the field of iron & steel business field.


Goss thanked Tang for his warm reception. He pointed out that Thyssenkrupp and China Minmetals have a good foundation for collaboration, and showed what the way forward will be for the cooperation between the two sides at the level of corporate strategy. The meeting focused more on the iron & steel industry. He noted that the cooperation between Thyssenkrupp and China Minmetals is mainly in the field of iron & steel sales, and expected further cooperation in the fields of iron & steel applications and environmental protection.

The two sides exchanged views on the development prospect of new energy vehicle and jointly promoting the “Belt & Road” initiative, etc.


Also present at the meeting were China Minmetals’ leader Zhang Zhaoxiang, related personnel of Thyssenkrupp Group including Fei She, Gao Yan, Sun Yu, and Shi Dewen, as well as Zhang Mengxing, Liu Qingchun, and Xing Yan, who are main responsible persons of China Minmetals International Business Management Department, MCC Group, and MINLIST, respectively.

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