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Tang Fuping Attends the Meeting and Signing Ceremony of Central SOEs Assisting Tibet in Poverty Alleviation

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On September 7, the meeting and signing ceremony of Central SOEs Assisting Tibet in Poverty Alleviation was held in Lhasa. Hao Peng, Party Committee Secretary of SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) of the State Council and Wu Yingjie, Party Committee Secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region, attended and addressed the meeting. Qizhala, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region presided over the meeting. Chen Zhigang, Deputy Director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, and Yan Xiaofeng, member of the Party Committee and Secretary General of SASAC of the State Council attended the meeting. Tang Fuping, President and Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals, also attended the meeting and participated in on-site visits and symposiums.


Firstly, Hao Peng, on behalf of SASAC, extended warm congratulations on the achievements of Tibet and paid tribute to the cadres and workers of all ethnic groups in Tibet. As expressed in his speech, the Party committee of SASAC has always attached great importance to the work of assisting Tibet, always highlighted it as a major political task, and driven central SOEs to form a strong joint force to support Tibet. No matter how arduous their own tasks of reform and development are, central SOEs have always been resolutely implementing the Party Central Committee’s strategies of stabilizing Tibet and shouldering the responsibility of aiding Tibet, and have thus made historic contributions to the sustained economic and social development of the autonomous region.


Hao Peng stressed that central SOEs are the important pillar and supporting force for the Party to govern and rejuvenate the country. Therefore, central SOEs should thoroughly study and carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important strategic thought of governing the borders and stabilizing Tibet, gain a deep understanding of the special importance of assisting Tibet in the new era, continuously strengthen the sense of political responsibility and sense of historic mission towards the support for Tibetan anti-poverty cause, resolutely help Tibet to accomplish the precision poverty alleviation program, and struggle to drive new prospects and new level of central SOEs’ partner assistance for Tibet. To this end, firstly, central SOEs should pay more attention to theoretical arming and draw strength from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on Tibet work; secondly, they need to pay more attention to taking accurate measures to make a new difference in the support for Tibetan poverty alleviation; thirdly, they should lay more emphasis on industrial assistance to Tibet and inject new impetus into Tibet's economic transformation and upgrading; fourthly, they must attach more importance to ethnic unity and play a new role in ensuring lasting peace and stability of Tibet; fifthly, they need to strengthen their leadership and make new contributions to the full implementation of their responsibility of assistance for Tibet.


Wu Yingjie pointed out that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the full support of SASAC, the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development and other central ministries, commissions and central SOEs, the Party committee and government of the autonomous region always focus on the starting points and objectives of the economic and social development of the entire region to drive high-quality economic development, and give especially priority to the crucial fight against poverty in the efforts of improving the livelihood of the people and increasing cohesion to promote the further development of each item of work. Wu Yingjie extended the wishes that SASAC, the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development and central SOEs could attach great importance to partner assistance and poverty alleviation collaboration as always, further strengthen industrial poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation, science and technology poverty alleviation, talent poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation input, and deepen cooperation to promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.


Prior to the meeting, Tang Fuping attended the symposium of central SOEs’ cadres working in Tibet and visited the poverty alleviation exhibition of central SOEs. He also paid a visit to China Minmetals’ cadres working in Tibet. In addition to expressing his gratitude to them for their efforts and contributions, he encouraged them to make persistent efforts, give full play to the group company’s advantages in the field of engineering construction and the exploitation of mineral resources, strengthen partner assistance, promote industrial poverty alleviation, implement precision poverty alleviation, and make positive contributions to the poverty alleviation and social and economic development of Tibet.


Wang Wenhai, Director of Department of Party-Masses Relationship of China Minmetals accompanied Tang during the above-mentioned activities.

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