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Tang Fuping Meets with Deputy Party Secretary Ma Guoqiang of Hubei Province

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On October 23, Tang Fuping, China Minmetals’ Chairman and Party Group Secretary, visited Ma Guoqiang, Deputy Party Secretary of Hubei Province and Party Secretary of Wuhan. The two sides held in-depth friendly talks on developing China Minmetals’ companies in Wuhan, deepening cooperation in related fields, and boosting Hubei’s economic and social development, and reached a broad consensus.

Tang Fuping thanked Hubei Provincial CPC Committee and Government and Wuhan Municipal CPC Committee and Government for their strong long-term support for China Minmetals and its Wuhan-based enterprises and introduced the development strategy and full advantages of China Minmetals. Tang Fuping pointed out that China Minmetals is committed to building a world-class metals and mining corporation and represents one of the three central enterprises with a full financial license, demonstrating strong capabilities for investment and financing and resources allocation. After the strategic recombination, China Minmetals and MCC, two of the world’s top 500 enterprises, have taken the lead in forming the whole industry chain covering resources discovery, exploration, design, construction, mining, mineral separation, smelting, logistics, and trade in the global metals and mining industry. The enterprises have kept expanding their scale and improved their operation benefits continuously.

Tang Fuping said that China Minmetals’ enterprises in Wuhan have a long history of development and diversified forms of business and boast the strength of the “one-stop” industry covering surveying, design, construction, and service, and has forged a deep bond with Wuhan in the long-term construction and cooperation process. Hubei Province and Wuhan City have made remarkable achievements in recent years, with huge potential for growth and promising prospects for cooperation between the two sides. In accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on “promoting high-quality development and striving for Hubei’s development in the new era” during his visit to Hubei and Wuhan this year, China Minmetals will give full play to its characteristics, continue to take root in Hubei and Wuhan, and have confidence and ability to contribute to the economic and social development of Hubei and Wuhan.

Ma Guoqiang welcomed Tang Fuping and fully affirmed the outstanding contributions made by China Minmetals to the economic and social development of Hubei, especially Wuhan. He pointed out that Wuhan, guided by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches when inspecting Hubei, has followed the requirements of high-quality development to speed up the development of the new economy and foster new growth drivers. While giving high priority to the upgrading of traditional industries and the transformation of old and new driving forces, Wuhan will continue to highlight the first driving force of innovation and speed up the building of a high-quality industrial system, an efficient collaborative innovation system, a high-quality market-oriented system, and a “pyramid” system with high-caliber talents. Ma also said that Wuhan would speed up the transformation of government functions and serve the development of central enterprises. Relevant government departments, platforms, and companies need to plan and implement large projects together with central enterprises in Wuhan and promote in-depth cooperation between the two sides in multiple fields.

The meeting was attended by Zhang Zhaoxiang, China Minmetals’ Deputy General Manager and Party Group member and MCC Party Committee Secretary and General Manager, Cai Jie, member of the Standing Committee of and Secretary General of Wuhan Municipal CPC Committee, and Zhang Jun, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhan Municipal Government and Head of the Office of Supervision and Coordination of Key Projects. Relevant leaders of Wuhan Municipal Construction Commission, Transportation Committee, and Urban Investment Company, as well as heads of relevant departments and affiliated enterprises in Wuhan of China Minmetals attended the meeting.

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