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Tang Fuping was interviewed by Zhong Guo Ji Jian Jian Cha

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During the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Tang Fuping, Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of China Minmetals, when interviewed by Zhong Guo Ji Jian Jian Cha (Chinese Journal to promote the construction of a clean party and government and the struggle against corruption in China), talked about the Integrity Risk Prevention and Control of China Minmetals in the Development of the Belt and Road Initiative. On May 2, the journal published a report entitled "China Minmetals Takes Effective Measures to Prevent the Risk of Integrity". The full text is reproduced below.

China Minmetals, one of the earliest central SOEs to go abroad, has actively implemented the Belt and Road Initiative and achieved good results in recent years when carrying out business in 45 countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

To Strengthen Compliance Management with Improved Regulations and Supervisions

China Minmetals has continuously built an international system and process and consolidated the foundation of compliance management for further administration of enterprises complied with law. The first is to strengthen the prevention and control in the early stage. The corporation embeds compliance supervision into management decisions and business processes and compiles Guidelines on Compliance Operations for Commodity Trad. Drawing lessons from both the domestic customer integrity agreements and the foreign trade contracts of anti-corruption and anti-bribery, the clean clause is embedded in the business contract specification text . according to the characteristics of the business, which prevents the violation problem from the beginning of the project. The second is to strengthen the process management and improve the timeliness of management with the information technological means. The SAP information management system are fully promoted in overseas enterprises to control the real-time logistics, capital flow and business information flow. The third is to enrich the means of supervision. The corporation actively sets up the control platforms, including funds, risk control, audit, law, procurement, investment, to implement multi-dimensional supervision. The four is to strengthen the intensive control. In view of the characteristics of the diversification of foreign assets, the group sets up a platform for offshore capital (Hongkong Holding) and offshore resources development and operation, which is convenient for centralized and unified control. The monitoring of overseas engineering projects are effectively managed and strengthened with the data support function of BIM technology to improve the ability of control and control for the compliance operation.

To Strictly Prevent and Control the Risk of Integrity and Severely Punish the Illegal Fraud

China Minmetals strives to improve the overseas Integrity risk prevention and control system. The first is to form the force of prevention and control. Through Measures of Overseas Integrity Risk Prevention and Control, the corporation sets up business, finance, audit, supervision and other multiple lines of defense, to achieve the whole process of prevention and control. The second is to implement the different policies in different companies. In view of the diversification of enterprises, the company adopts the strategy of differentiation to carry out the regular examination of overseas enterprises for strict supervision of the rectification and reform with the methods of compliance inspection and shareholder audit. The third is to strictly correct and access to the blame of illegal behaviors. Violations and fraud should be seriously dealt with and held accountable to maintain the effectiveness of the system. The fourth is to perfect prevention and control measures. In view of the corruption risk of the Belt and Road Initiative, the in-depth national research has been carried out to provide guidance and protection for enterprises involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

To Strengthen the Professional Ethics Education for the Active Culture of Integrity and Compliance

China Minmetals attaches importance to strengthening the professional ethics education for overseas employees and the construction of a clean and compliant culture. The first is to improve the working mechanism. The seminars on the Prevention and Control of Offshore Corruption are held in four consecutive years focused on Integrity and Compliance which aims to strengthen the reverence with examples from abroad to educate employees abroad. The second is to create a compliance atmosphere for a strong clean compliance culture. By carrying out multi-level and multi-dimensional compliance training and clean education, the strong atmosphere of advocating compliance, practicing and maintaining compliance and a culture of corporate compliance in which all staff participate have been gradually formed with the concepts “It is the duty of everybody to comply with the regulations” and “It is the compliance to create the values” taken root in the hearts of the staff.

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