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China Minmetals Holds Warning Education Conference

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On June 3, China Minmetals Corporation held a warning education conference to report the typical problems and recent cases in violation of the central Party leadership’s eight-point decision as well as the Party’s discipline and national laws, respectively. China Minmetals investigated and dealt with them during the 19th central inspection period. Tang Fuping, China Minmetals’ Chairman and Party Group Secretary, made remarks. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals’ President and Party Group Deputy Secretary, hosted the meeting. Lu Weidong, China Minmetals’ Head of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team and Party Group member, made a briefing.

The conference reported six cases in violation of the spirit of the eight-point decision, such as attending banquets in violation of relevant rules, private use of public vehicles, excessive allocation of vehicles, and receipt of subsidies violating relevant rules. It reported a criminal case in which the person-in-charge of an overseas enterprise was cheated for dereliction of duty in signing and performing the contract, and a case in which the person-in-charge of a subordinate enterprise was transferred to the supervisory organ for handling on suspicion of corruption and bribery. The meeting required all cadres and employees of China Minmetals to learn from cases, urge themselves to conduct rectification by cases, resolutely implement the requirements of correcting wrongdoing during the inspection period and strengthen more strict governance over the Party members.

Tang Fuping pointed out that this conference was of special significance as the education campaign themed Staying True to Our Founding Mission was launched and the meeting was held against the background of China Minmetals accepting the inspection of the CPC Central Committee. We must take the case as a lesson to draw from, analyze the root causes, and deeply understand the urgency and severity of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party. The cases reflected that some leading cadres were not high in political stance and their ideals and beliefs were not firm. The lack of understanding of the eight-point decision caused some cadres to still follow their style of wrongdoing. Some leading cadres had no understanding of the ideology and were indifferent to the sense of discipline and rules. They had no vigilance over the practice of formalities for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance. They were vague and unclear about the principle issues. Some even knowingly committed the above practice in a surreptitious way. Some Party organizations failed to fulfill their responsibility of governing the Party and their daily supervision became a mere formality. Some cadres have been subjected to inadequate power supervision and control, with the power of these cadres overriding that of their organizations. The former general manager of the gold and copper project seriously violated the decision-making system for the major issues, major personnel appointments and dismissals, investments in major projects and use of large sums of money, profiting at public expense and being suspected of benefit transfer. Some overseas enterprises also have similar problems. No matter inside or outside the country, there is no exception or special case. We should investigate wrongdoing to the end.

Mr. Tang required that we take these cases as a warning to urge rectification, improve the mechanism, and conduct stricter governance over our Party members. We must constantly enhance our political stance and strengthen our political belief. The purposes of convening the warning education conference are to enable the majority of cadres to have a sense of awe, refrain themselves from what they should not do, keep the bottom line, enhance their political stance, and affirm their political belief, as well as to educate them to make as few mistakes as possible. “Learning from past mistakes to avoid future ones and correcting mistakes to save rule-breakers” has been our consistent guideline. We should make full use of “the first form” and “the second form” so that cadres who violate discipline and rules can be educated and alerted. We must conduct strict supervision over our cadres, meaning a great love and care for them. Let cadres get used to working and living in an environment of supervision and constraints. We should earnestly implement General Secretary’s requirements of “three differentiations” and give encouragement and backing to those cadres who focus on the public interest, do things in a down-to-earth way, do not seek self-interest and dare to take on responsibilities, so as to protect the enthusiasm of cadres and officials in giving full play to their talent. It is necessary to consolidate the main responsibility at all levels to develop a working pattern of joint management. Party organizations at all levels should deeply understand that the main responsibility is political responsibility that is comprehensive, specific and direct. To strengthen the main responsibility of Party organizations at all levels, the key lies in the top leader. Party secretaries should bring into play their role in serving the leaders of their teams and team members should assume “one post and two responsibilities.” We must constantly strengthen supervision by forming an all-round supervision system. We should strengthen discipline inspection and supervision. Party Group members and leaders of Party committees at all levels, especially the top leaders, should raise their awareness, adopt right philosophy, put themselves in a correct position, correctly understand and grasp their relationships with discipline inspection and supervision teams and discipline inspection commissions after the reform, and strengthen their consciousness of accepting supervision.  The discipline inspection and supervision teams and discipline inspection commissions at all levels should identify the positions of political organs and strengthen the supervision over the implementation of the “two safeguards” and the fulfillment of the main responsibilities of Party committees at all levels. We should strengthen internal inspection and supervision, ensure the access to the “last mile” of the Party’s strict governance, and focus on punishing “micro-corruption” surrounding the workers and masses. Through the “large-scale supervision” mechanism, linkage supervision should be implemented to urge all functional departments to fully fulfill their supervisory responsibilities. The “two safeguards” should be implemented in the daily management and supervision practice of all departments to achieve a deep integration of inner-party supervision and operation supervision.

Mr. Tang stressed that we must resolutely carry out the rectification of the problems transferred by the 14th Central Inspection Team and rectify the problems in a real, immediate and comprehensive fashion. To strengthen the main responsibility for rectification, the Party leadership group will hold on to the problems transferred by the inspection team and strictly deal with them in accordance with regulations and disciplines. We need to establish a supervision and inspection mechanism for rectification. Discipline inspection commissions and organizational departments at all levels should include inspection and rectification within the scope of daily supervision and strengthen the follow-up supervision of immediate rectification through “large-scale supervision” mechanism. We should improve the mechanism for applying the results of inspections, fully listen to opinions for rectification, and effectively let staff members and the masses share the rectification results and feel the changes brought about by inspections. In the end, Mr. Tang Fuping especially emphasize that it is an important political task to rectify formalism and bureaucracy and reduce the burden on primary-level enterprises. The Party Group will lead the Party organizations at all levels to take the rectification of formalism, bureaucracy and burden reduction for the grassroots as a serious task to introduce relevant measures and methods. Party committees at all levels should bear the main responsibility for rectification. Party secretaries should personally take it as an important political task to perform it to the end and achieve actual results.

Guo Wenqing made clear requirements for implementing the spirit of the conference. He stressed that this special warning and education conference was an important measure taken by China Minmetals' Party Leadership Group to promote the all-round and strict governance over Party members. Party organizations at all levels must quickly convey the spirit of the meeting, effectively improve their political stance, and thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and all the guiding principles from the Party’s 19th National Congress. They must convey the spirit of the meeting based on the education campaign themed Staying True to Our Founding Mission. It is necessary to push Party members and cadres in the whole system of China Minmetals to focus on the fundamental political task of strengthening the “four consciousnesses” and “four confidences” and resolutely carrying out the “two safeguards.” They must put themselves, their duties and work in the position, carry out comparative inspection, deeply reflect on the prominent problems existing in the governance of enterprises over Party members, review the root causes of the problems, enhance the Party’s consciousness, discipline sense and rule-based awareness, firmly do a good job in building up enterprises’ confidence, and create a sound clean environment for “three steps and two doublings.” We should have the courage to take on responsibilities, perform our duties and responsibilities, and strive to improve the level of corporate governance. We should expand the application coverage of inspection results, give full play to the strategic role of inspection in addressing both the symptoms and root causes, and work to enhance the efficiency of corporate governance. Efforts should be made to improve the institutional mechanism and supervision means. We need to refine the institutional mechanism and supervision measures for risk prevention and control, so as to supervise and restrict the operation of power and prevent risks before they occur. For enterprises and individuals that have problems, they should seriously and meticulously carry out in-depth rectification. Top leaders must take the lead in rectification. They should not evade or bypass the problems, face the problems squarely and carry out overall rectification, so as to resolve the management loopholes. Meanwhile, efforts should be made to boost healthy trends, purge unhealthy tendencies, and strengthen the healthy resistance against evil. It is not only necessary to solve the problem and eradicate bad habits, but also to support the responsibility and enthusiasm of officials in bringing into full play their talent, so as not to allow good cadres to be falsely accused or framed, or doers to be wronged. We should learn from cases to conduct immediate rectification. We must unswervingly practice the strict governance over Party members. We must take the case as an example to alert others by holding the rule-breaker accountable. We must give top priority to the warned problems and regard the practical effect and development results of implementation as the judgment standard to test whether our political stance, the fulfillment of main responsibilities, and the coverage of the supervision system are put in place or not. We must not ignore them as a temporary phased task. We must take the case reported today as a “lesson” to learn from. Members of the Party leading group, starting from themselves, need to require others to do what they do first and others not to do what they don't do first, form a “head goose effect” to set an example for others, create a loyal, clean and responsible cadre team, and lead all cadres and workers to create a strong atmosphere for all staff members to devote themselves to their enterprises, so as to promote China Minmetals to achieve high-quality development.

Lu Weidong required in the briefing that leading cadres at all levels should strengthen their ideals and beliefs, put the Party’s discipline, national laws and company rules high among their agenda, keep them in mind, and put them into action. We must take the case as a warning, draw lessons from it, reflect ourselves deeply, awaken the sense of awe, always be self-respecting, introspective, self-alarming, and self-disciplined, guard against any slight deterioration and sound the alarm bell. Party organizations at all levels should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of comprehensive and strict governance over Party members and persistently implement the spirit of the eight-point decision of the CPC Central Committee. The discipline inspection and supervision teams and discipline inspection commissions at all levels must resolutely investigate and deal with corruption cases that do not stop after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. These corruption cases have been featured by concentrated clues, strong public reactions and mixed political and economic problems. Those corruptive wrongdoers that still do not stop after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be punished mercilessly. We must focus on oversight over the “key few” to strengthen the management and supervision of top leaders. The education, management, and supervision of the Party organization will follow wherever the power of leading cadres is exercised to ensure that there are no dead spot for supervision and no blind area for the anti-corruption campaign. The discipline inspection and supervision teams and discipline inspection commissions at all levels must support those cadres who are steadfast in their work, do not seek personal gain, and brave their way towards reform and innovation. Those who engage in anonymous false accusations and make rumors will be dealt with severely once discovered. At the same time, they should clarify the reputation for cadres who have been falsely accused and framed, so as to fully motivate the enthusiasm of cadres in making great contributions to their enterprises.

Party Group members of China Minmetals at its headquarters attended the conference. More than 160 people attended the meeting at main venue, including Secretary of the Board of Directors of China Minmetals, Chairman of the Trade Union, Deputy Head of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team, Assistant to the General Manager, General Legal Adviser, members of the leading group of MCC, and Deputy Chief Engineer of China Minmetals; members of the leading groups of the various departments and agencies directly under the headquarters of China Minmetals, Head of the Inspection Team of Party Group, and full-time directors and supervisors stationed in the affiliated enterprises; member of the leading group of directly-affiliated enterprises in Beijing;  deputy heads and above of functional departments of MCC’s headquarters; and relevant personnel from the discipline inspection and supervision, personnel organization, inspection, Party-masses and other departments of China Minmetals’ headquarters. Nearly 4,000 middle-level and above cadres attended the meeting at 93 video sites, including members of the leading group and cadres of other directly-affiliated enterprises outside Beijing and those of MCC and its subsidiaries.


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