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Tang Fuping investigated and guided the targeted-poverty alleviation in Huayuan County, Hunan Province

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On June 26, Mr. Tang Fuping, China Minmetals Chairman and Party Secretary, led his delegation to investigate and guide the targeted-poverty alleviation work in Huayuan County, Hunan Province as well as they, on behalf of the Minmetals Party Group, visited and sympathized with the attached deputy county chief and first secretary of the village stationed in Huayuan County.

Huayuan County, subordinate to the Xiangxi Tujia&Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan Province, is the key county of the revolutionary old district and the state-oriented poverty-relief work as one of the six targeted poverty-relief counties in China. On November 3, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shibadong Village of Huayuan County, where he first proposed the important concept of precise poverty alleviation.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, especially since 2017, we have attached great importance to the poverty alleviation work and continuously increased the investment in poverty alleviation, among which, the annual capital investment in Huayuan County, Hunan Province has increased by multiple with the accumulated non-paid aid funds of nearly RMB14 million in recent three years. We have carried out a series of work, such as industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, pilot construction of beautiful villages, rescue of people in need, construction of infrastructure, and so on. At present, there are two bract duck breeding bases, one lentinus edodes planting base, one slaughtering and processing refrigeration center, one new rural construction demonstration base, two breeding and planting bases, one Camellia oleifera project and one bacon workshop. The pattern of industrial poverty alleviation with strong power and radiation has been widely affirmed by the local government and the vast number of poor households. 2019 is the expected year of Huayuan County relieved from poverty. Therefore, Tang is very concerned about such issues as the effectiveness of the industrial poverty alleviation projects assisted by China Minmetals, the process of getting poor households out of poverty, and the implementation of characteristic, long-term and accurate poverty alleviation in consistence with the development of enterprise.

On the morning of the 26th, Tang Fuping and his party arrived at the beautiful rural construction demonstration base after a 3-hour rugged bus-ride for Nawuche village of Changle Town. In the cultural square we funded to built, Tang Fuping listened carefully to the introduction of the chief persons of the townships and villages on the progress and planning of the projects, and conducted detailed inquiries from time to time on the supporting construction of public facilities, villagers' income, environmental improvement, and so on. He called on all levels of government and project leaders to speed up the work process, keep the foundation for poverty alleviation, and build a beautiful country with well-planned, well-built and well-funded projects.

After investigating the beautiful rural demonstration base, Tang and his delegation continued to investigate the duck raising base and the supporting slaughtering and refrigerating base aided by China Minmetals. Tang Fuping walked into the brooding base and asked the staff about the growth cycle of duck chicks in detail, and at the same time told them to do a good job of epidemic prevention. He called on cooperatives to firmly follow the road of ecological green development and play a leading role in demonstration. In front of the schematic diagram of the poverty alleviation work of Tonghe Landscape Cooperative, Tang Fuping carefully asked about the sales situation and the benefits of the filed impoverished households. After listening to the introduction of Wang Tao, the person in charge of Tonghe Landscape Cooperative and the China Minmetals Poverty Alleviation Office, on the precise industrial poverty alleviation mode of "central enterprise funding+rural cooperative operating+driving the poverty-relief of the filed impoverished households+SOEs marketing," Tang Fuping pointed out: Huayuan County is the place where General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the important concept of "precise poverty alleviation," and the industrial poverty alleviation model of China is a vivid interpretation of General Secretary Xi's important idea. In this sense, we must continue to study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on poverty alleviation, resolutely practice "precise poverty alleviation and precision poverty relief", and persist in accurately lifting the filed impoverished households out of poverty.

Mr. Luo Ming, Secretary of the Huayuan County CPC Committee, accompanied the visit and fully affirmed that the industrial poverty alleviation project of China Minmetals has great influence and impetus in Huayuan County which has won high praise from both the local governments at all level and the local impoverished people. In the light of these assessment, Tang Fuping stressed that our targeted poverty alleviation work, with the support of the local government, should be down-to-earth, step by step, and achieve results; that is, we should adopt a responsible attitude and strive to leave local industries with sustainable development and internal impetus, so that we can really drive one side of the masses out of poverty and become rich.

At the new slaughtering and refrigeration center, Tang Fuping asked in detail about each process. He was very pleased to hear that the slaughtering and refrigeration center can promote the employment of archivists, effectively extend the product transportation and sales radius of the breeding base, and drive more filed impoverished people to work in duck farming. He urged that the slaughtering and refrigeration center should be put into production as soon as possible with strengthened quality control for the hygienic and environmental products growing into famous brand. At the same time, the trade union organizations at all levels of China Minmetals must strengthen support and actively carry out the consumption poverty alleviation of the industrial base.

Tang Fuping continued to study the mushroom planting base of China's five mines at noon. He walked into the base with great interest, and in such a 20-mu area with living lentinus edodes, the lentinus edodes rods were set on the shelf in an orderly manner. Tang asked the staff about the growth cycle and environmental requirements of Lentinus edodes as well as the sales and benefits for the filed impoverished households. Tang Fuping is very pleased to see the case where the mushroom planting base drives the local Miao people to eliminate poverty and become rich. He sincerely affirmed that with the strong support of the Huayuan County CPC Committee and the county government, the work of the poverty-relief staff and cadres of China Minmetals is attentive and effective, which has made great contribute to the large-scale, effective and characteristic industrial poverty alleviation projects in Huayuan County. He does hope that in the next step, we will strive to cultivate the intrinsic motivation of the project, so that the project can adapt to the market environment with real market competitiveness, so as to achieve self-circulation and healthy development. On the other hand, we should pay attention to giving full play to the driving force of the project in getting rid of poverty, so that the people around us can really see and feel the great role so as to attract more poor people to participate in and strive for the relief poverty and better-off.

Tang Fuping was also very concerned about the working and living conditions of the cadres. He also expressed his hope for the cadres to give full play to the role of bridges and ties for the communication between China Minmetals and the designated poverty-supporting counties, and also for the docking and implementation of poverty alleviation projects.

Mr. Luo Ming, Secretary of Huayuan County CPC Committee, and Mr. Tian Zongwu and Mr. Xiu Dayong, both deputy County Governors accompanied the investigation together with Wang Wenhai, Head of the Party Work Department of China Minmetals.

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