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Tang Fuping Surveyed on the Education Campaign of “Remaining true to the original aspiration and keeping our missions firmly in mind” in Minmetals Exploration and Development Company

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On July 11 scheduled, Mr. Tang Fuping, China Minmetals Chairman and Party Secretary, led his delegation to survey on the education campaign themed with“Remaining true to the Party's original aspiration and keeping its mission firmly in mind”in Minmetals Exploration and Development Company (hereafter as “the subsidiary”), and watched the three-dimensional interactive display of Graphite Project on the spot.

Adhering to the metal mining industrial mission of guarding and serving the country as a main force to ensure security of resources, Tang presided over the thematic forum, listened to the work report “Remaining true to the Party's original aspiration and keeping our mission of acquiring high-quality resources and serving as the national resource guardian firmly in mind” from Mr. Wang Jionghui, the subsidiary’s Party Secretary and Chairman, and held discussions and exchanges with the subsidiary’s leading committee, party members and cadres, technical experts, and staff representatives etc.

In the course of the discussion, Tang Fuping had an in-depth inquiry about the subsidiary’s various projects including Graphite Project, the Project of Deep Prospecting in Huangshaping Lead-zinc Mine, Hunan Province, the Cooperation with Rio Tinto, the Project of Comprehensive Treatment and Ecological Restoration in Shandong Province, and the Tungsten and Rare-earth Projects in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces , and made valuable suggestions in combination with the position of the state-owned capital investment company. Three important instructions are as follows:

Firstly, upholding the leadership of the Party and strengthening the Party building is the solid foundation and the core soul of the enterprise. Tang pointed out: as stated in the speech at the National Conference on Party Building of State-owned Enterprises in October 2016 delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping, adhering to the leadership of the Party and strengthening party building is the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises, also the unique advantages of Chinese state-owned enterprises, which has indicated how to do well the state-owned enterprises and how to strengthen the party building of state-owned enterprises. The original aspiration and mission are both the starting point and the foothold. In this sense, the subsidiary should always "never forget the original aspiration, bear in mind the mission", put political construction in the first place, strictly implement the political responsibility of managing the party, and keep the party's mission and the group’s hope in mind.

Secondly, shouldering the initial mission of "metal mining to serve the country" is the guarantee for the secure supply of national metal resources. Tang claimed that China is a big country of mineral resources consumption, and at the same time, it has a high degree of dependence on foreign countries, which is not only the security in resource service, but also the security in national economy. Therefore, resource is the key to guarantee the security. How to obtain more better-quality resources in a reasonable way? On one hand, we need to strengthen the exploration of new resources, especially the green exploration which is very important to ensure the lowest cost of self-detection of resources; on the other hand, we need to explore on the basis of the existing stock, that is, to carry out edge and deep prospecting. He pointed out: it's just a fantasy for us to serve the motherland with the abundant mining resources if there are no mines at all. In recent years, the subsidiary has done a lot of useful work in this area. Therefore, our group company will continue to support its business development so that it can better play a greater role in the group's resource cause.

Thirdly, the thematic education campaign should be implemented down to earth. Tang suggested that the sustainable and high-quality development of enterprises should be realized, consisting with the general requirement of "keeping the original heart, shouldering the mission, finding the gap and implementing down-to-earth" and running through the principle of education, investigation, examination and rectification. By referring to the actual situation and the advanced industry, we can find our own shortcomings so as to clear the direction of development. Only by remaining true to the original aspiration and mission can the subsidiary give full play to its own technology and team advantages for the sustainable support of China Minmetals as the national metal resource guardian.

Wang Wenhai, Head of China Minmetals’ Party and Mass Department and also Director of Thematic Education Office, accompanied the survey, as well as the subsidiary’s leading committee, heads of relevant departments, technical experts, party members, and staff representatives etc., participated in the above activities.

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