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Guo Wenqing Received MCC Participants of the 45th WorldSkills Competition

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On August 30, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman, received Zhao Fubo, the welding project champion of the 45th WorldSkills Competition, Liu Hao, runner-up of the construction metal project together with the whole MCC participating team. Zhao Fubo was awarded the honorary title of "MCC Laborer Model" as well as the two medalists were appointed to be chief technicians of MCC. Meanwhile, the MCC Central Research Institute of Building and Construction and the 19th China Metallurgical Construction Corporation won Outstanding Contribution Awards for Nurturing High-tech Talents issued by MCC Group.

Guo Wenqing, on behalf of China Minmetals and MCC Group, warmly congratulated on the outstanding glorious achievements of the participants in the competition. He pointed out that the three consecutive championships in welding project won by Zhao Fubo and a breakthrough in zero medals in construction metal project by Liu Hao have won honors for the country and enterprise. The achievements are due to the careful cultivation of not only the party and the state, but also the enterprises and expert teams.

Guo put forward four fervent hopes for the winners: firstly, it is hoped that they will strengthen their knowledge learning for the strong technical force. Learning is the step of growth and progress, and practice is the way to improve the ability. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, we everyone, especially young people, should always take the study as the first task and apply to the practice for the promotion of the status of China and the contribution to the world stage; secondly, it is hoped that they will strengthen physical and mental exercise to improve their professional skills. Young people should not only get full physical and mental exercise, but also further improve the level of professional skills, in order to keep pace with the times, research the key and difficult points in their respective fields, improve the quality and ability suitable for the development of the times and career requirements, and strive to become the pillars and talents needed by the country and society; thirdly, it is hoped that They set a good example and take on the leading role of demonstration. After winning the honor on behalf of the country, the winners should complete the transformation of their roles, become experts in this technical field, preach and teach for future generations, and play a good role as a "evangelist belt" for the vast number of young people; fourthly, it is hoped that they will rely on their posts to work in a down-to-earth manner for the the enterprise. The winners should be committed to serving the country with their intelligence and making contributions both to the metallurgical construction of MCC as the main force in capital construction and the leader in emerging industries, and to the road of high-tech and high-quality construction for a long time.

Guo Wenqing also expressed his cordial care for the two medalists’ family conditions, their study and work, and listened to the winning speeches of the two winners and the wonderful process of the participating team in Kazan competitions. The Welding project champion Zhao Fubo said that he would continue to work hard to contribute to the enterprise with the skills he has learned in the future while Liu Hao, runner-up in the construction metal construction project, said that in the future, he would continue to exercise, upgrade the level of skills, and make more contributions to the development of enterprise. Moreover, Liu Jingfeng, Expert in Welding project, Ma Dezhi, Expert in Construction metal project, Zhou Shuchun, Coach of Welding Team and Liu Dinglv, Coach of Construction Metal Team have reported on the experience of the competition and the direction of future efforts. Mr. Zhang Zhaoxiang, deputy general manager and party group member of China Minmetals, attended the meeting. Yan Aizhong, Lin Jinzhen, Zeng Gang, Qu Haiyan, Qi Dongping, Zhu Jianguo and Li Xiao also participated in the meeting.

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