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Guo Wenqing Visits Hu Henghua, Member of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Standing Committee and Secretary of Changsha Municipal Committee

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On October 9, Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Party Group Deputy Secretary and MCC Chairman and his delegation, visited Hu Henghua, Member of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Standing Committee and Secretary of Changsha Municipal Committee. The two sides held in-depth friendly talks and reached broad consensus on the development of China Minmetals in Hunan, deepening cooperation in related fields and promoting Hunan's economic and social development.

Guo Wenqing expressed his gratitude to CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Changsha Municipal Committee for their long-term support for China Minmetals and its subsidiaries in Hunan. Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals is committed to building the world-class powerhouse in the metals and minerals industry, and has strong advantages in the field of new energy materials and municipal services engineering construction. In terms of new energy materials industry, China Minmetals has a complete industrial chain, with the world's third-largest detected reserves of Ramu lateritic nickel-cobalt ore, lithium ore of Salt Lakes in Qinghai and other high-quality resources. Hunan Changyuan Lico Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Minmetals has a high industry reputation in the production technology of cathode materials and other aspects, and Changsha Research Institute of Mining And Metallurgy Co., Ltd. and other key scientific and technological innovation institutes have strong strength. As a strategic emerging industry, new energy materials industry has been placed in a more prominent position in the development of China Minmetals.

Guo Wenqing said that Hunan is the province where China Minmetals has the broadest strategic layout and the largest total assets. China Minmetals has a long-term basis for friendly cooperation with Hunan Province and Changsha City, and the two sides have forged profound friendship in this process. The development achievements of Hunan Province and Changsha City in recent years are exciting and have great potential for development. The prospects for cooperation between the two sides are expected. China Minmetals will give full play to its advantages and continue to take root in Hunan and Changsha. China Minmetals is confident and capable of contributing to the economic and social development of Hunan Province and Changsha City.

Hu Henghua extended a warm welcome to Guo Wenqing's visit and thanked China Minmetals for its outstanding contribution to the economic and social development of Hunan and Changsha. Hu Henghua pointed out that Hunan Province, Changsha City and China Minmetals and MCC have laid a solid foundation for cooperation. Hunan Province and Changsha City attach great importance to the incubation and development of new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries. Last year, the launch of China Minmetals National New Energy Material Industry Base project injected new momentum into Hunan's economic and social development. Hunan Province and Changsha Municipality will actively coordinate and continue to provide more favorable conditions and strong support for the development of 80,000 tons cathode material expansion construction by Hunan Changyuan Lico Co., Ltd., the projects of Lushan Science Park of Changsha Research Institute Of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd. and the Central Research Institute of New Energy Materials of China Minmetals, and contribute to the development of new strategic industries in China such as new energy and new materials.  

At the meeting, the two sides also had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the cooperation of the Hunan Nonferrous Mentals Headquarters Building Project of China Minmetals, the construction of urban underground pipeline corridors and infrastructure construction projects.

Liu Caiming, China Minmetals' Vice President, CFO and Party Group Member, ; Hu Zhongxiong, Deputy Secretary of Changsha Municipal Committee, mayor of Changsha and Secretary of the Party and Labor Union of Xiangjiang New Area; Xia Jianping, Standing Committee of Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor; Zhou Qingnian, Secretary of the Party and Labor Union of Changsha High-tech Zone; Kang Xiaoping, Director-General of Changsha Bureau of Industry and Information Technology; Zhu Dongtie, Secretary of the Tianxin District Committee of Changsha City, and other officials attended the meeting. The leaders from China Minmetals headquarter and the affiliated enterprises including Zhao Zhishun, He Jianbo, Xie Jianguo, Hu Liuquan, Xie Kangde, Wu Shaohui, Yi Shuguang, and Ning Heqiu, attended the meeting.

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