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Guo Wenqing Attends the Symposium of China Minmetals’ Subsidiaries in Hunan

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On October 10, China Minmetals held a symposium of China Minmetals’ subsidiaries in Hunan in Changsha. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman, attended the symposium and made clear requests for related work.

At the meeting, Guo Wenqing listened to the reports of 8 enterprises, including HNG, China Tungsten & Hightech Material CO.,LTD., Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd., Hunan Changyuan Lico Co., Ltd., Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd., Changsha Institute of Mining Research, The 23th Matallurgical Construction Group Co.,Ltd. Of Minmetals and Hunan Hsikwangshan Twinking Star Co., Ltd. The reports cover the situation of production and operation, the completion of annual budget targets, the existing problems in the first three quarters, and the work arrangement in the fourth quarter.

Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals attaches great importance to the operation and development of its subsidiaries in Hunan. China Minmetals has the broadest strategic layout, the largest total assets, the most complete industrial sector and the most complete industrial chain in Hunan. The number of employees in Hunan accounts for 22% of the total number of China Minmetals. There are 113 corporate enterprises, of which 16 are key enterprises, while 18 are in dire straits. In recent years, according to the principles of seeking truth from facts, adapting measures to local conditions, and one policy for one enterprise, China Minmetals has continuously promoted the reform and development of subsidiaries in Hunan, making them change in two major aspects: firstly, the business and operation has generally continued to improve and their vitality has reappeared; secondly, the mental outlook of officials and employees has been positively improved, showing a new working style. Guo Wenqing fully affirmed the achievements of the subsidiaries in Hunan in recent years, and put forward six clear requirements for future business development:

First, adhere to the goal-oriented development to resolutely complete the annual business tasks. Our subsidiaries should fulfill their respective responsibilities and obligations in accordance with the strategic plan of China Minmetals. In the first three quarters, China Minmetals has fulfilled the targets of SASAC in accordance with the schedule. The revenue, output, cost and other assessment indicators of most enterprises in Hunan were well completed, and they fully implemented the requirements of high quality development and steady development of China Minmetals. In the fourth quarter, China Minmetals must resolutely complete its annual business tasks according to the plan.

Second, persist in deepening reform to continuously stimulate the endogenous power of enterprises. In recent years, China Minmetals has solved some problems in its development through reform, but there are still many problems that cannot be fundamentally removed. We should learn from the excellent enterprises in the world and further improve the level of refined and standardized management. We need to continue to intensify efforts to deal with difficulties. Enterprises that have completed their tasks cannot be tripped into difficulties again, let alone the new losses. The process of deepening reform should be further accelerated, especially in scientific research institutes. We should break the restrictions of rigid system and mechanism, and make breakthroughs bravely. The entrepreneurs should have a sense of responsibility, and have the courage to try, so that they can lead the officials and employees to explore a road suitable for the transformation and development.

Third, adhere to innovation-driven development to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. In order to speed up the industrialization process of products, scientific research institutes have formed the key links and technical bottlenecks. Our subsidiaries should rely on each other for industrial transformation and upgrading. Productions enterprises and scientific research institutes should study the breakthrough point of industry-research integration, exert their synergistic effect, and continuously cultivate and build the internal market. The establishment of waste battery platform and system development also should be discussed in depth.

Fourth, manage new and ongoing projects better to prepare for high-quality development. Our subsidiaries should be cautious in choosing new projects and do a good job in project management. We should have better top-level design to target at the main business, find a reasonable operational radius, and do what we are best at. Scientific research enterprises are the banner and brand of China Minmetals. They should focus on the main business to pursue high-end frontiers, always keep at the high point of science and technology, and play a supporting role in the backbone platform of science and technology in China Minmetals.

Fifth, adhere to the bottom-line thinking and accurate judgment to timely dissolve major risks of enterprises. Enterprise risks are everywhere. Enterprises should fully consider, and make accurately judge, timely dissolve the investment risk, management risk, capital risk, environmental protection risk, safety risk and integrity risk to ensure that no major risk events occur.

Sixthly, pay great attention to the cultivation and application of young officials and build a loyal, clean and responsible team. In order to train young officials vigorously within China's Minmetals, the leadership of key enterprises should gradually change from the officials at the age of 50-60 to the officials at the age of 40-50, and gradually make the post-75 and post-80 officials stand out. We should cultivate enterprise leaders, cultivate leading teams, and develop enterprises into platforms for young people to realize ideal and aspirations, for middle-aged people to gain entrepreneurship, and for the elderly to rehabilitate.

Liu Caiming, China Minmetals' Vice President, Chief Accountant and Party Group Member, presided over the Symposium. Heads of relevant departments of China Minmetals’ Headquarters, heads and financial directors of subsidiaries in Hunan attended the Symposium.

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