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Guo Wenqing unveils a plaque for the Center for Marine Mining Science and Technology of the State Key Laboratory of Deep Sea and Conducts On-site Investigation and Guidance

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On October 10, Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman, went to Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd.(Changsha Research Institute) to unveil a plaque for the Center for Marine Mining Science and Technology of the State Key Laboratory of Deep Sea, investigated the construction of the research center, and gave important instructions for the future development of the scientific and technological business of Changsha Research Institute.

Guo Wenqing and his delegation visited the Center for Marine Mining Science and Technology, learned about the construction of the Center on the spot and highly affirmed it. In view of the future development of science and technology business of Changsha Research Institute, Guo Wenqing made important instructions. He emphasized that scientific research institutes are the banner and brand of scientific and technological innovation in China Minmetals. They must focus on the main business, make long and hard efforts, and do a solid job in scientific research so as to promote scientific and technological innovation step by step. China Minmetals and its Changsha Research Institute are the enterprises to enter in deep-sea mining field at the earliest. We, with unique leading core technology and backbone talent team, should continue to make intensive efforts in this field, accelerate the series of sea trials, and always adhere to the commanding height of technological R&D and technological innovation. China Minmetals will fully support the development of deep-sea mining business of Research Institute in the areas of submarine exploration and mining area declaration, deep-sea mining technology research and development, and sea trial.

The Center for Marine Mining Science and Technology is a platform for data mining, sorting and utilization in the State Key Laboratory of Deep Sea, and also a platform for displaying scientific and technological achievements in marine mining and for popularizing marine science and technology. Its main function is to process, store and develop the data of resources, environment, topography and geomorphology of the seabed mining area of China Minmetals, and also to collect, store and share other marine resources, environment and physical ocean data. It not only provides data services for China's marine resources technology development, but also provides data services for international counterparts. The center can complement and improve the functions of the State Key Laboratory, integrate the national marine mining data resources, and play a demonstration role of the national platform, which will improve the efficiency of scientific research and innovation ability, and accelerate the business transformation of Ocean segment. The construction of this center is not only an important measure to implement the national strategies of Marine Power and Big Data, but also helps to further expand the brand influence of the State Key Laboratory, promote the implementation of China Minmetals’ submarine mine exploration contracts, thus helping China Minmetals to build a business system featured by “four beams and eight columns”.

Liu Caiming, China Minmetals' Vice President, Chief Accountant and Party Group Member, attended the unveiling ceremony and delivered a speech. Heads of relevant departments of China Minmetals’ Headquarters, heads of its subsidiaries in Hunan, members of the leadership and relevant business leaders of Changsha Research Institute participated in the unveiling ceremony and investigation.

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