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Guo Wenqing Meets with Michael W. Lodge, the ISA Secretary-General

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On October 10, Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman, met with Michael W. Lodge, the ISA Secretary-General, and his delegation in Changsha. They came to attend the ISA Third Annual Contractors Meeting.

Guo Wenqing expressed his gratitude for Michael W. Lodge’s visit and the long-term support of International Seabed Authority (ISA) for China Minmetals. He briefly introduced the basic situation of China Minmetals. Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals is a metal mineral enterprise group formed by the strategic reorganization of two Global 500 companies, the former China Minmetals and MCC. At present, the assets under its management amount to 1.85 trillion yuan. China Minmetals has 200, 000 employees and more than 80,000 professional and technical personnel. With many world-class mines all over the world, China Minmetals takes the lead in opening up the whole industrial chain from resource acquisition, exploration, design, construction, operation to circulation and deep processing in the global metal mineral field, and is moving towards the goal of “the Chinese No.1 and a world-class” metal mining group, which has laid a solid foundation for further deep-sea exploration and development.

Guo Wenqing said that the submarine mineral resources are the common property of mankind. Only by making full use of and scientific development of the deep sea resources can we create their due values and benefit the whole mankind. China Minmetals is one of the most advantageous enterprises to realize the effective combination of land resource exploitation and deep sea exploration & development. In terms of the development and utilization of marine resources, China Minmetals has built a scientific research team dedicated to the research of deep-sea exploration and development technology for a long time. Changsha Research Institute of Mining And Metallurgy Co., Ltd. is the first core backbone force engaged in the engineering technology equipment for the research and development of deep-sea mineral resources development in China. Today, the Center for Marine Mining Science and Technology of the State Key Laboratory of Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd. was successfully inaugurated. China Minmetals is confident that it will be able to play a more important role in the exploration and development of deep-sea mineral resources, the research and development of engineering technology and equipment, and the formulation of international rules, etc. It will further concentrate resources and increase investment to make breakthroughs in major key technology areas and key equipment. China Minmetals is willing to participate in a series of major activities organized by the ISA and hopes the ISA will give greater support to China Minmetals in acquiring deep-sea mineral resources and participating in the formulation of international deep-sea mining rules, so as to jointly accelerate the development process of deep-sea mineral resources.

Michael W. Lodge acknowledged the efforts made by China Minmetals in the performance of exploration contracts, submission of high-quality exploration work reports, research and development of marine resources development technology, appreciated the support given by China Minmetals to the ISA in the construction of rules and regulations, and thanked China Minmetals for its efforts in holding the ISA Third Annual Contractors Meeting. According to Michael W. Lodge, the contractors meeting is not only an important meeting between contractors and the ISA, but also an important platform for exchanges and cooperation between contractors. China Minmetals has a strong technical capacity and talent team, and has achieved commendable achievements in the exploration of deep-sea mineral resources in a short period of time. The development speed is encouraging. In the future, the ISA will strengthen communication and exchanges with China Minmetals, and jointly promote in-depth cooperation in deep-sea mineral resources development, engineering equipment technology research and development, and rule making.

The two sides also exchanged other topics of common concern and exchanged souvenirs with each other.

Liu Caiming, China Minmetals' Vice President, Chief Account and Party Group Member, Michelle Xia, the wife of Michael W. Lodge, Chapi, director of the contract department, Cai Yongsheng, legal consultant, Pratima Jauhari, geological consultant, Qiu Wanfei, project manager, Zhang Lianqiu, Associate Counsel of the Ministry of Natural Resources of PRC, and Liu Feng, Secretary General of COMRA attended the meeting. Heads of relevant headquarters departments and directly managed enterprises of China Minmetals, including Zhang Yi, Xie Jianguo, Li Maolin and Zhuo Xiaojun, attended the meeting.

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