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Guo Wenqing Inspects and Guides the Work of CERI

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On November 12, Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman led a group to inspect and guide the work of MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited (CERI), and stressed that there are seven key problems that should be deeply understood and earnestly solved. Also, Mr. Guo had friendly communication with the technical staff and delivered an ebullient speech to encourage the employees of CERI to devote to work and forge ahead.

At CERI, Guo Wenqing and his delegation visited the technology research and development test area, the electrical development and testing laboratory, the smart factory laboratory, the smart pipe gallery laboratory, the simulation center and the BIM center, and inquired into CERI’s major progress and achievements in technological innovation, especially in the development of major technologies. Fully acknowledging the achievements of CERI in technological innovation, Guo Wenqing pointed out that technological innovation should focus on creating benefits for the market and CERI should strengthen internal collaboration for technological advancements.

At the symposium during the inspection, Guo Wenqing listened to CERI’s reports on adhering to the strategic guidance, deepening the reform comprehensively, improving technological innovation, and strengthening Party leadership, and learned about CERI’s phased achievements in quality assurance, market expansion, operation management, production organization, risk prevention and control, soft power improvement, and official team building. Mr. Guo also fully affirmed CERI’s outstanding achievements during its stable development in recent years and extended gratitude to the leadership and all the employees for their hard work.

For CERI’s next step of work, Guo Wenqing stressed that the following seven key problems should be deeply understood and solved:

First, develop a deep understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ideological leadership and solve the dilemma between forging ahead and long-term prosperity of the company. President Xi attaches great importance to state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and emphasizes that SOEs are not only the political but also the economic foundation for the leadership of the CPC Central Committee. President Xi has also made many critical statements on the “going global” of SOEs, supporting SOEs in becoming stronger, doing better, and growing bigger, as well as Party building and high-quality development of SOEs, which lay the foundation and build the path that must be taken to realize long-term prosperity of SOEs. We should develop a profound understanding of the thoughts of President Xi, forge ahead in accordance with the requirements of President Xi and with conviction, loyalty, and passion, and promote the reform and development of China Mimetals with constant efforts.

Second, develop a deep understanding of core elements and key aspects in corporate governance, and solve the problem of over-centralized power of the headquarters. When the enterprise reaches a certain degree of development, its leadership should fully understand different types of business and main business sectors of the enterprise, and develop a profound understanding of the core elements and key aspects in corporate governance required by the headquarters’ command system. So we should develop the organizational structure and allocate resources with clear focuses. Starting from the actual needs, we should carry out in-depth studies and have in-depth discussions, set up authoritative headquarters in line with the reality of the enterprise and characteristics of the enterprise, and strive to realize pragmatic, efficient and effective corporate governance.

Third, develop a deep understanding of the supporting and constructive role of the core market and solve the problem of irrational market development. The current market is highly complicated, which brews many risks and makes it more difficult to make correct judgments. We should explore areas where we are most familiar with and with the most experience, and have the greatest competence and confidence in within a rational radius of the business. With a sound top-level design, we should identify our core businesses, markets, regions of operation, and products, and make all-out efforts with clear focuses. Based on this, we can solve the problem of irrational market development and achieve high-quality development through strict risk control.

Fourth, develop a deep understanding of the great importance of the “national team” of metallurgical players and the integration of the entire industry chain, and solve the problem of the lack of cohesiveness and in the establishment of systems. In recent years, MCC has made constant efforts in building a “national team” of metallurgical players and formed a top-tier echelon in 19 business units and 8 major divisions. It is necessary to highlight the development of the top-tier echelon according to the standard of the national team and consolidate core advantages. Though the problem of vicious competition has been solved, there is still a lack of cohesiveness. We must deepen our studies and enhance the overall efficiency of enterprises by releasing systemic forces.

Fifth, develop a deep understanding of the unique role of science and technology in leading market development as well as reform and innovation and solve the bottleneck problems for development and how to realize of market-oriented and efficiency-oriented technological development. Science and technology have unique advantages in leading market development. Technological innovation is not just a slogan but a real solution to the bottleneck problem for development. The vigorous development of the pipe gallery sector of CERI embodies the leading role of science and technology in the market. Without the guidance of science and technology, the market of pipeline gallery and innovation would have been impossible. CERI should further clarify the products and sectors to be developed, which would not only solve the bottleneck problem but also create new growth points.

Sixth, develop a deep understanding of the significance of cultivating major tax contributors and projects in building leading brands and solve the problem of zombie enterprises or difficult enterprises and the burden of historical debts. MCC should cultivate major tax contributors and develop key projects. During the period favorable for the steady development of enterprises, we should endeavor to get rid of historical burdens, provide support for enterprises in need, cut input in enterprises with less potential, and invest the best resources in the most deserving sectors. We should vigorously promote the reform, fix the blocked roads, remove obstacles, and abandon aspects that constrain corporate development. Great efforts should be made to promote the elimination of zombie and difficult enterprises so that enterprises could forge ahead with fewer burdens and obstacles.

Seventh, develop a deep understanding of the political significance and urgency of the cultivation of young officials and restructuring of the official team and solve the problem of the lack of vitality in the leadership team. The exchange of officials and restructuring of the official team proposed by the Central Leading Group for Inspection Work is a reflection of politics. The low proportion of young officials in MCC is an urgent problem to be solved, so it is necessary to enhance the cultivation of young officials and treat them with trust, appreciation, and a developmental view. Senior officials should be gradually shifted to commanding positions from the front line to continue to make contributions. We should let young employees born in the 1970s play a vital role while giving more opportunities to post-75s and post-80s to increase the vitality of the official team while we move forward.

Guowen Qing also went to the Second Office Area of CERI to inspect and guide the development and construction of CERI’s science and technology park and visited the Exhibition of CERI 70th Anniversary for Building a Metallurgical National Team and Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphic Works of Employees in the New Era.

Liu Caiming, China Minmetals' Vice President, Chief Account and Party Group Member, and Zhang Zhaoxiang, Vice President, Party Group Member of China Minmetals and Executive Director and Party Committee Secretary of MCC were also in the inspection delegation. Relevant members of China Minmetals and MCC, including Wang Shilei, Zhang Shuqiang, Zhang Yi, Zhang Congli, Yu En’gang, Fan Wanzhu, as well as members of CERI’s leadership team and middle-level management in Beijing also participated in the inspection.

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