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Guo Wenqing Hosts a Working Conference on the Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia of MCC

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On February 10, Guo Wenqing, President and Deputy Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals and Chairman of MCC, hosted a special conference on the New Coronavirus Pneumonia (Hereinafter with NCP) prevention and control as well as the production and operation work of MCC, heard about the recent work report of MCC in this regard, analyzed the current situation of the epidemic and the key tasks, and put forward four requirements for further strengthened prevention and orderly production and operation as follows.

Firstly, it is necessary to scientifically deploy and strengthen the organizational leadership for the epidemic prevention and control. As soon as the epidemic broke out, MCC immediately set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control with Comrade Zhang Zhaoxiang as the leader, which has coordinated to lead the whole staff of MCC to fight the epidemic over the past ten days,. Although we have achieved effective results with good overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, the epidemic prevention and control has entered the most critical make-or-break period MCC facing the tense situation of comprehensive restoration of production at present. At this meeting, it was decided to strengthen the leadership of the epidemic prevention and control work group. Zhang Mengxing served as the executive deputy group leader, and Wang Shilei was added as the deputy group leader and director of the epidemic prevention and control office with other Party standing committee members as the members of the leading group, which shall comprehensively strengthen the leadership of the epidemic prevention and control and the recent production and operation arrangements with five new working groups responsible for epidemic prevention and control, market development, engineering construction, overseas projects, and publicity established to ensure the efficient and orderly progress of MCC with high sense of responsibility and mission. The officials at all levels of MCC should resolutely and meticulously prevent and control the epidemic to stand with our motherland against the virus with the great concern about our country and the great love to our people. Our subsidiaries in Beijing must comply with the requirements of the eighteenth meeting of the Leading Group on Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia in Beijing on February 8 that the public officials throughout Beijing be generally not allowed to wear N95 medical protective masks, because protective equipment must be used scientifically and effectively, and the frontline medical staff must be given priority on the medical supplies.

Secondly, it is necessary to take both the epidemic prevention and the enterprise production into account to ensure the smooth operation of the company. The members of the leadership team must have a sense of crisis and pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control as well as the production and operation of MCC including the headquarter and the subsidiaries with both two task in our mind without any slackness. On one hand, we need to realize that the epidemic cannot end overnight, so we must be prepared to fight for a long time, but we must not be afraid of it because excessive panic is more terrible than the epidemic itself; on the other hand, we must comprehensively sort out the projects in hand and not in the severely affected areas. While implementing the scientific epidemic prevention and control work, we should resume work fully and start work at full capacity as we can with the scientific and rigorous guidance of the MCC headquarter to coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems faced by the resumption and commencement of the project of each subsidiary in a timely manner.

Thirdly, it is necessary to comprehensively sort out and dispatch overseas projects to ensure their progress and fulfillment on schedule. The severe domestic epidemic situation has seriously affected the development of many overseas projects. In the face of such difficulties and challenges, we must expedite the extent to which each overseas engineering project under construction is affected by the domestic epidemic, so as to formulate effective and feasible countermeasures respectively. Foreign forces will be required when domestic forces are not enough, and other domestic forces will be required when Wuhan forces are not enough. We must be fully aware of the pain and long-term impact of the epidemic for which good expectations and vigorous response should be made.

Fourthly, it is necessary to implement our responsibilities and strengthen our confidence to fight the epidemic. Confronting with the formidable virus, the prevention and control is the top priority. In the face of righteousness, competent officials will emerge in the work while incompetent ones will also be revealed who will eventually be washed away for accountability and treatment. The website of the Party Building of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee also published a special publicity article praising MCC for our courageous spirit in supporting the construction of medical facilities in epidemic areas. The leading group for prevention and control of the epidemic, together with the party organizations and officials at all levels, must implement their responsibilities to fight the epidemic. It is necessary to strengthen and improve the combing, statistics, and daily reporting of prevention and control information, monitor the health status and schedule of all employees, and strictly implement the requirements of related personnel such as home isolation and medical observation for the comprehensive, detailed, and accurate first-hand information. The building of MCC headquarter must conduct a series of inspections such as access control, canteens, and sanitation with the strictest standards. Persons outside the system must not enter the office area of the building. The personal protection and health of property management and prevention and working staff for prevention and control must be particularly valued. All departments should study the work arrangements in their respective fields, department leaders must be in place and shoulder the corresponding responsibilities, and logistics service departments must be in place to ensure that logistics services. Except for the employees in the centralized office area, which must be arranged on a rotating basis by the departmental leadership, the remaining personnel can work from home, but must remain in working condition and be on standby at all times with no delay in work and strong will to win the battle.

The attendees of the conference were the leaders of MCC including Zhang Mengxing, Wang Shilei, Cao Xiuyun, Zou Hongying, Shi Dexin, Qu Yang, Yan Aizhong, Zeng Jianzhong, Zhang Ye, as well as the relevant chief persons in charge of the headquarter departments including Wang Zhen and Wang Cunping etc.

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