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Guo Wenqing Hosts a Special Meeting on the Support of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Supplies of China Minmetals

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On the morning of February 12, Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman, hosted a special meeting on the support of COVID-19 epidemic prevention supplies of China Minmetals. At the meeting he required that we must spare no effort to add more channels for the purchase of epidemic prevention supplies from abroad, so as to provide necessary support for epidemic prevention and control as well as safe work and production resumption.

After listening to the reports on the purchase, reserve and actual needs of China Minmetals and its affiliated enterprises on epidemic prevention supplies, Guo Wenqing pointed out that China Minmetals and its affiliated enterprises were implementing the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and were resuming work and production with an active altitude and in a stable order while conducting epidemic prevention and control. One of the important conditions for the resumption of work and production was that the protective supplies for officials and employees must be adequate. Due to a large number of employees, after the work and production was resumed, China Minmetals had a large demand for epidemic prevention supplies such as masks, protective gloves, protective clothing, and disinfectants. Guo Wenqing emphasized that we must have the determination and confidence to win, as well as an objective and overall assessment of problems and difficulties. We should further strengthen the procurement of epidemic prevention supplies from abroad, and in particular, the procurement of basic protective supplies (such as masks) that were consumed in a large amount. On the premise of the health and safety of each employee ensured, the production and operation of China Minmetals and its affiliated enterprises should be promoted.

For the next step, Guo Wenqing put forward five clear requirements:

First, adhering to the principle of self-reliance dominated and Group coordination supported. Through planning and acting in advance, China Minmetals has made full use of its overseas companies, and purchased many protective supplies such as masks, protective gloves and protective clothing from abroad. However, limited by wide distribution and numerous employees, China Minmetals and its affiliated enterprises' needs on medical supplies cannot be met. Adhering to the principle of self-reliance, and based on the own conditions, the companies outside Beijing and the key affiliated enterprises in Beijing have broaden the procurement channels to ensure the self-supply of medical supplies, and the health and safety of their employees.

Second, including the purchase expenses of epidemic prevention supplies into production expenditures. It must be recognized that during the period of epidemic prevention and control, the use of medical protective supplies has become necessary for work and production, and therefore corresponding procurement costs must be included as production expenditures accordingly. China Minmetals and its affiliated enterprises should unite together, raise the employees' awareness, enhance centralized procurement to obtain adequate supplies of epidemic prevention supplies, and distribute these supplies in a reasonable way so as to ensure the continuity of normal work and production.

Third, paying off the advanced payment of overseas enterprises for the procurement of epidemic prevention supplies in a timely manner. Since the outbreak, MCC, Minmetals International (HK), Minmetals Development Co., Ltd. and its overseas affiliated enterprises, assuming their responsibilities, quickly executed the orders from China Minmetals. In particular, some overseas affiliated enterprises purchased a large number of epidemic prevention supplies from overseas channels by advanced payment regardless of the difficulties in their own operations. In this case, it was necessary to allocate related funds as soon as possible to ensure that the production and operations of overseas affiliated enterprises would not be affected.

Fourth, continuing to tap the potential of overseas companies regarding the procurement of epidemic prevention supplies. Against the background that epidemic prevention supplies are short in China, it was necessary to increase overseas procurement of epidemic prevention supplies such as masks, and to obtain more resource support from overseas while relieving domestic supply pressure. We should accelerate the overall distribution and orderly issuance of epidemic prevention supplies to ensure that they are used to their full potential.

Fifth, preventing and controlling the epidemic in a scientific way and resuming work & production in an orderly manner. Overall planning and coordination must be strengthened. Enterprises that have difficulties should report in time, so that problems can be resolved in a timely manner and needs can be met. We should achieve logistics support and ensure the steady progress of the resumption of work and production of the entire Group. We must strengthen our confidence and fully realize that the epidemic will eventually be defeated by us; our lives will continue. In particular, some companies with heavy reform tasks must, from a long-term perspective, plan carefully, improve the top-level design and achieve success by deepening reforms.

Ren Zhufeng, Vice President and Party Group Member of China Minmetals, attended the meeting. The leaders of the headquarters' departments and directly-managed enterprises of China Minmetals, including Wang Shilei, Wang Wenhai, Xing Yan, Xu Jiqing, Liu Qingchun, Zhu Haitao, Zeng Gang, Yue Haijun, Yu Engang and Dong Su also attended the meeting.

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