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Tang Fuping Arrives at Dejiang and Yanhe, Counties of Guizhou Province for Targeted Poverty-Alleviation

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On June 9 and 10, a delegation headed by Tang Fuping, the Chairman and Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals, visited Dejiang and Yanhe, counties of Guizhou province, the fixed-point for China Minmetals’ poverty alleviation program. The visit was aimed to investigate and supervise the performance of the program. In addition, it also targeted at the provision of guidance on poverty reduction and a visit to the officials of China Minmetals who were on a temporary assignment in Guizhou province. The delegation spent one and a half days on visits of four projects that planned to improve the livelihood of the community, enable low-income households in rural areas to be free from worries over food and clothing, and provide access to compulsory education, basic medical services and safe housing. The China Minmetals aided four projects referred to industrial water use of Dejiang county, car ferry wharf, living environment improvement of Changyi village, Yanhe County, and landscaping project of Xinzhong village. Moreover, additional five projects for industrial poverty alleviation are known as Jingwang fruit and vegetable cooperative of Xinhua village, Dejiang County, orange industrial parks in respective Tengxi village (for navel oranges) and Xinjing Town, Yanhe County, and the project of premium pear plantation.

During the visit, Mr. Tang Fuping walked into the fields, talked with local farmers, and inspected the operation and maintenance of the projects that were assisted by China Minmetals. Views with respect to the building of a stronger industry, the ducking of production and marketing, emphases on long-term efficiency and other ideas were exchanged with the officials of all levels in Tongren City. He acknowledged the great achievements by China Minmetals in the fight against poverty, after it firmly acted on the guiding principles of key speeches delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping about targeted poverty alleviation. The significant efficiency was achieved with concerted efforts by China Minmetals in the fight against poverty. It was a delight to see China Minmetals aided projects playing an integral part in poverty reduction. As 2020 would be the decisive year to win the fight, he stressed that China Minmetals would continue to follow the guiding rules of the address by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the symposium of winning the battle against poverty by insisting on the principles of permanent, targeted poverty alleviation with Chinese characteristics, in order to play its integral part in the final success.

After three and a half hours’ driving in the afternoon of June 9 from Zunyi Airport, Mr. Tang Fuping arrived at Jingwang fruits and vegetables cooperative of Chaodi Town and navel orange industrial park of Tengxi village, Dejiang County, visited the workshop of orange sorting, cooling and packing system that was assisted by China Minmetals, as well as the irrigation system, bio-pesticides, protected pipelines and other facilities in the plantation. He fully appreciated the approaches to the industrial project and its accomplishments after an elaboration about the plantation size, economic output, sorting and packing, cooling and distribution, commercial coalitions, and the docking of production and marketing, as well as employment increase. Some advice was provided on building a stronger industry, logistics system, especially warehousing, and introducing the market mechanism as the major tasks for next stage. To continuously raise the people with financial difficulties out of poverty, it was important to increase the product quality and promote its brand, as a fast development in scale and the efficacy in poverty alleviation were witnessed.

On the project site of water supply for orange plantation and households that were built under the assistance of China Minmetals, Mr. Tang Fuping was glad that the project made the life more convenient and enjoyable for people living nearby after its construction and usage were explained. To benefit the low income families, it was suggested to make best use of resources for integrated fish and duck farming, and to increase the project efficiency.

Mr. Tang Fuping stressed during the visit that although Dejiang County was lifted out of poverty, the ground work for poverty alleviation must be reinforced. As the industrial development was the foundation to reduce poverty, it was important to understand the deep drivers of economic prosperity. Therefore, China Minmetals would continue to take its responsibilities and act on the policies of poverty alleviation by focusing on the development of supporting facilities. It was also committed to the integration of industrial projects and the strategy of rural revitalization, playing its role in assisting Dejiang County to eradicate poverty and achieve prosperity.

Following the visit of Dejiang County, the delegation went to Yanhe County in the night on June 9 without taking a break. Mr. Tang Fuping arrived at its car ferry wharf in the early morning of June 10.

He visited the construction of the wharf that was aided by China Minmetals. The project’s accomplishments were acknowledged after the brief of Xinjing Town governor that the project eased the transportation of local people and contributed to the combat against poverty. He therefore requested local responsible officials to expedite the availability of supporting facilities.

It was twelve thirty in the noon after bumpy mountain roads to Changyi Village. Mr. Tang Fuping paid a visit in the scorching day to the houses of Yang Guangliang and Yang Kui, local farmers, and was happy to see a new look of the village after environmental renovation. He had a cordial conversation with local farmers to understand their lives, work and accessibility to medical care, education and employment and encouraged them to make wealth by overcoming difficulties and hard working.

The delegation continued their journey along the spiral mountain roads and arrived at the orange industrial park in Xinzhong Community that was also assisted by China Minmetals. After seeing over 33 hectares of premium oranges and 80 hectares of orange trees full of life after breed improvement, Mr. Tang Fuping was gratified for the approaches to develop the economy by striking a balance between strengths and weaknesses, and growing strengths in weaknesses so as to raise the revenues of the people. After seeing a whole picture of the plantation, its development pattern and the prospect of market, he pointed out the importance of living in peace and working in content. Also, the improvement of living environment required hard working. Therefore, an efficient coalition mechanism should be established to motivate people in revenue growth through investment by means of land, technology, labor or capitals. In addition, the cooperative should provide seeds, fertilizers and chemicals, and seek solutions of marketing to make the sales synchronized in both virtual and physical stores.

During the visit, after giving an ear to major governors of Tongren City and Yanhe County about the fight against poverty, Mr. Tang Fuping exchanged views of future efforts for poverty-relief work with them. As an extremely poor county that was required to be out of poverty in 2020, Yanhe County was stressed with hard toil and a large population of poverty stricken people. Thus he pointed out that Yanhe County should be the top priority for China Minimetals’ work relief program so as to win the battle against poverty at this critical moment with all-out efforts.

Of total RMB 51.3905 million invested in Dejiang and Yanhe counties by China Minmetals since 2017, RMB 22.62 million was for Dejiang County. 17 poverty-relief programs were carried out in 5 villages, among which 4 industrial programs that were planned in 2020 were proceeded in a full-scale. Meanwhile, Yanhe County absorbed RMB 28.7705 million of investment with 14 programs implemented in 4 villages. China Minmetals expanded its assistance towards Yanhe County in 2020 upon the request of winning the battle against poverty through a full implementation of 5 poverty-relief projects.

Wang Wenhai, head of the Party and Mass Work Department of China Minmetals, Yan Xiaoqing of China Minmetals who was on a temporary assignment as a member in the standing committee and the deputy mayor of Tongren, along with Tian Zhixiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board in MCC (Guizhou) Construction Investment Development Co.,Ltd., Shang Youjiang, Secretary of Dejiang County Committee, He Zhigang, head of Yanhe County, and Guo Xiaochun and Leng Xuzhong and others of China Minmetals who were on secondment, took part in the visit.

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