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Tang Fuping Meets with Wang Hong, Vice-Mayor of the People’ Government of Beijing Municipality

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On June 15, Mr. Tang Fuping, Chairman and Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals, met with Wang Hong, vice mayor of the People’ Government of Beijing Municipality. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening central-local cooperation and further deepening the friendly and cooperative relations between China Minmetals and the People’ Government of Beijing Municipality.

Mr. Tang Fuping extended a warm welcome to Wang Hong and expressed his gratitude to the People’ Government of Beijing Municipality for its strong support to China Minmetals as always. Mr. Tang Fuping pointed out that in recent years, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China Minmetals focused on its main responsibility of metal mining industry to continuously enhance its core competitiveness. The business performance and operating profits grew steadily and all other work showed a good momentum. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, facing the operational risks brought by economic and social uncertainties and the sharp fluctuation of international commodity prices, China Minmetals has addressed the pandemic spread and economic output at the same time under the CPC Central Committee deployment and the requirements for pandemic prevention and control in Beijing to minimize its impact on production and operation.

Mr. Tang Fuping emphasized that as the headquarters of China Minmetals and the location of many directly-managed enterprises, Beijing has had increasingly close ties with China Minmetals in communication and cooperation in recent years. Relevant authorities of Beijing have provided strong support, assistance and coordination in tackling the major problems and difficulties faced by China Minmetals in particular, to create a good environment and provide a strong guarantee for China Minmetals' production and operation, which fully reflected Beijing’s determination in optimizing the business environment and fully serving the enterprises development. In the next step, it is hoped that both sides will focus on the establishment of technology platforms, project declaration, talent exchange, and science and technology center construction to further deepen the cooperation. Measures should be taken to improve the policy docking, communication and coordination in key areas, key links, and key projects, such as social management of retirees and “Three Supplies and One Property” reform (the separation and transfer of water supply, power supply, heating/gas supply and property management), to jointly promote the high-quality development of China Minmetals, making China Minmetals contribute more efforts to Beijing’s economic and social development.

Ms. Wang Hong expressed her gratitude for Mr. Tang’s warm reception and China Minmetals’ long-term contribution to Beijing’s economic and social development. She said that in accordance with the deployment of the Party Committee and the People’ Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing will provide more comprehensive and targeted support and services to key enterprises in Beijing, so as to boost enterprises’ development and confidence. In the context of pandemic prevention and control, China Minmetals, as a central state-owned enterprise (SOE) in Beijing, has made active contributions in playing the leading role of SOEs and participating in the construction of Beijing. The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality will continue to provide China Minmetals with more thoughtful services and stronger support and include China Minmetals in Beijing’s key supervision services. Regarding the difficulties encountered in the development of China Minmetals and the major problems reflected, relevant authorities in Beijing will strengthen communication and speed up coordination, and strive to resolve them as soon as possible. It is hoped that China Minmetals will further deepen its cooperation with the People’ Government of Beijing Municipality, widen the connection with Beijing’s industrial planning, and strengthen its industrial layout in Beijing, so as to make greater contributions to Beijing’s economic and social construction.

Relevant members from Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work, Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center, Dongcheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, as well as the headquarters departments and directly-managed enterprises of China Minmetals, attended the meeting.

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