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Guo Wenqing visits the Project of Universal Studios Beijing in Tongzhou and holds a Meeting with Zeng Zanrong, Party Committee Secretary, and Zhao Lei, District Mayer of Tongzhou

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On the morning of July 16, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman, visited the project of Universal Studio Beijing in Tongzhou and held a meeting with Zeng Zanrong, Party Group Secretary of Tongzhou, and Zhao Lei, District Mayer of Tongzhou.

Guo Wenqing visited bid sections 5 & 6 of the project, built by Shanghai Baoye Group Corp. and MCC Central Research Institute of Building and Construction Co., Ltd. (CRIBC) respectively. On the project site, he learned about the project planning and construction progress, listened to the report of project development, and asked about the difficulties and problems faced in the construction. In addition, he talked with the workers on the site and asked about the affairs related to their life and work.

Guo Wenqing fully recognized the progress in the project development. He pointed out that this project is a key development project in Beijing, and the project team, while ensuring a coordinated progress in routine pandemic containment and project development, minimized the adverse impact of the pandemic and advanced the project in a high-standard, efficient and high-quality manner. This has effectively ensured the construction period and quality, and laid a solid foundation for the completion as scheduled and with high quality, thus fully demonstrating the sound conduct of all officials and employees as well as frontline workers, and the development philosophy of pursuing excellence.

Guo also pointed out that the project team of Universal Studios Beijing pooled a number of high-caliber young people. While ensuring a sound development progress, all enterprises concerned shall dare to foster and promote young officials so that they can give full play to their talents on the broad platforms of China Minmetals and MCC, and contribute, without distractions and in a down-to-earth manner, their wisdom and talents to the development of the enterprise. Meanwhile, the subsidiaries of China Minmetals shall enhance the cooperation with their partners, promote further progress in the industry chain through internal coordination and work to move toward a high-quality development of a full chain of all business units including the theme park.

Later, Guo Wenqing visited the Grand Canal Forest Park in Tongzhou, and listened to the report of the historical evolution and development planning of Tongzhou made by Liu Guiming, Executive Deputy District Mayor of Tongzhou. And then he visited the People's Government of Tongzhou, and held a meeting with Zeng Zanrong, Party Committee Secretary of Tongzhou and Zhao Lei, District Mayer of Tongzhou about enhancing the cooperation between the government and the businesses.

In the meeting, Guo Wenqing expressed sincere thanks to the People's Government of Tongzhou for its long-term, great support for China Minmetals and its subsidiaries in Beijing, and introduced China Minmetals to the people present in the meeting. He said that China Minmetals was established as a result of a strategic restructuring of two Fortune Global 500 companies — the former China Minmetals and the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC), with metallic minerals as its core business. In addition, China Minmetals is the first enterprise with state-owned capital and investment in the field of metallic minerals in China, approved by the State Council, and is one of the central state-owned enterprises (SOEs) holding full financial licenses. As the largest and strongest metallurgical development contractor and the service provider of metallurgical enterprise operation in the world, MCC dominates the share of 90 percent of the metallurgical development market in China and 60 percent in the world. In addition, MCC is the only enterprise with the qualification of designing and constructing the theme park among the central SOEs, with a great capacity in metallurgical development and infrastructure construction.

Guo Wenqing also said that China Minmetals is based in Beijing and attaches great importance to the development of its business in Beijing. Tongzhou, as a sub-center of Beijing, enjoys distinctive geographic advantages, rapid economic growth and broad market space, displaying enormous potential and broad space for development. Recent years have witnessed the rapid expansion of China Minmetals' business in Tongzhou, with a number of large engineering projects, including the project of Universal Studios Beijing undertaken by China Minmetals. For this reason, China Minmetals is ready to leverage its strengths to enhance the communication with the People's Government of Tongzhou, continues to expand the scope of cooperation between both parties and strives to carry out more extensive cooperation in more fields, to contribute more to high-quality economic and social development of Tongzhou.

In the meeting, Zeng Zanrong extended warm welcome to Mr. Guo Wenqing and expressed sincere thanks to China Minmetals for its long-term contribution to economic and social development of Tongzhou. Zeng said that we have been implementing the strategic planning of Tongzhou, a sub-center of Beijing, with an aim to building a development landscape of "One Entity with Two Wings". By doing so, Tongzhou can serve as the unit to carry the functions of central district and population transfer, and continue to play a leading role in reducing the noncapital functions in Beijing, in an effort to achieve a splendid landscape of synchronized progress in Tongzhou and Xiongan New Area. Zeng also said that in Tongzhou, there is broad space for development and enormous potential for investment. He wishes that China Minmetals will keep close communication with Tongzhou so that a comprehensive strategic partnership, featuring long-term stability, mutual benefit, win-win outcome, mutual trust and mutual growth, could be achieved. In addition, Zeng said that we welcome China Minmetals to actively participate in the investment and development in Tongzhou to push the cooperation of both parties to a new level and achieve win-win outcome.

The leaders of China Minmetals, such as Dong Mingjun, Zhang Zhaoxiang, Ren Zhufeng and Wang Shilei accompanied the visit and attended the meeting. Other attendees included Liu Guiming, Member of Standing Committee and Executive Deputy District Mayor of Tongzhou, Yang Bo, Member of Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor of Tongzhou, Su Guobin, Deputy District Mayor and Lu Xinghong, Wei Guo, Wu Tao, Zhao Jun and Li Junxia. Directors of relevant divisions of China Minmetals and directors of the directly-managed enterprises were present.

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