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Guo Wenqing inspects the Construction of the National Sliding Center undertaken by MCC of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

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In the morning of September 27, in an inspection tour of the construction of National Sliding Center by SBC-MCC of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Mr. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary and MCC Chairman, stressed that all leaders and employees shall take enhancing the Party's political building as the overarching principle, focus on technological innovation and project platform development, and view leadership building as our guarantee, in an effort to promote a new round of high-quality, leapfrog development of SBC-MCC.

Guo Wenqing also visited the project site to learn about the progress of ice-making and ice-trimming, listened to the report on project progress, and talked with the ice-making team. He said the track in the National Sliding Center is the first of its kind in China. Without any previous experience, the project team of SBC-MCC, through hard work and practice as well as breakthroughs in technology, succeeded in the development of 8 core technologies such as dedicated material-spraying equipment and quality control technology for track construction, hyperboloid cooling pipe processing and forming technology and hyperboloid track material-spraying and finishing forming technology. All these have filled multiple technological gaps in China, presenting many firsts of China. This project has not only trained China's first ice making and trimming team of sliding track, but also shattered the monopoly of overseas technology about sliding track, highly appraised by the international community. It also demonstrates the craftsmanship and good spirit of MCC officials and employees. Guo Wenqing wishes that the project team will build on the achievements gained to get us ready for the first training of the national team here.

At the meeting room on the project site, Guo Wenqing watched the promotional video of the construction of the National Sliding Center, and listened to the report on the progress of the National Sliding Center and the briefing on SBC-MCC's business expansion in Beijing and in the areas surrounding Beijing. Meanwhile, he also listened to the report on project control, entitled "Consolidate Project Control Platform, Improve Project Control System and Boost Leapfrog Development of SBC-MCC". Guo Wenqing recognized the remarkable achievements of SBC-MCC in the development itself and its project development, and expressed gratitude to SBC-MCC team and the builders working at the frontline. He said in recent years, with steady progress made in the proved path of development, SBC-MCC has gained increasing visibility at home and abroad. In the process of pursuing the development model of "Focusing on Main Businesses of MCC, Devoting to a Wonderful MCC", SBC-MCC played a pioneering role and leveraged its unique core technological edges. All these tangible actions and results of practice best describe the fact that MCC is the national metallurgical construction team, the main force of infrastructure and the pacesetter of emerging industries. Be committed to the development strategy of pursuing high technology and high quality, MCC has fostered a well-deserved image of the national team, the vanguard and the pacesetter.

For the next step, Guo Wenqing put forward four clear requirements:

First, maintain political integrity and shoulder responsibility to successfully complete the construction of the National Sliding Center. General Secretary Xi Jinping noted that it is an aspiration of the Chinese people to host a "fantastic, extraordinary and excellent" Games. The 2022 Winter Olympics is not only a project and a sports event, but also the national image. As the first sliding track in China, the National Sliding Center is an item with most difficulties in design and construction among the Beijing Winter Olympics venues, attracting attention of the world. SBC-MCC, therefore, is very proud of playing a part in the project development, and need to improve its political integrity and shoulder responsibility as an SOE. For this reason, SBC-MCC shall focus on high standard and high level, and ensure the successful completion of the National Sliding Center, the advancement of sliding test and the implementation of venue running guarantee scheme. In this way, we can deliver on the blueprint charted by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Second, focus on innovation-driven development and use technology to foster the hard power for enterprise development. Innovation is the primary driving force of pursuing high-quality development. For this reason, vigorously advancing technological innovation is in line with China's new development pattern of "dual circulation", whereby domestic and foreign markets can boost each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay of China's growth. It is also the call of our times and demands. The construction of the National Sliding Center is complex, involving many high technologies. Since the commencement of this project, SBC-MCC has made innovations in construction technologies and breakthroughs in multiple technologies. And SBC-MCC, with its unique integrated strengths of the whole industry chain, leading core technologies and ongoing innovation capacity, succeeded in material spraying and ice-making in one stroke. Like a dragon flying through the mountains, the National Sliding Center fully demonstrates the level of technological innovation of SBC-MCC. For this reason, we shall continue our strengths of core technologies and do our work well in the development, and play our leading role in major projects to build an industry featuring the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Third, strengthen the development of project platform to polish our enterprise brand. Engineering projects are the resource of profit and the foundation of existence for MCC, and even the solution to address unbalanced and inadequate development of MCC in the future, and the key element for MCC to speed up the transformation from pursuing survival to getting stronger in the new era. Since our initiative of building the main project control platform in 2017, the control capacity of MCC's subsidiaries in projects has been significantly improved in the past 3 years, thus reversing the extensive management model in the past, achieving a highly-unified philosophy and marked improvement in engineering project management level as well as new breakthroughs in project quality and great increase in brand influence. In the next stage, we shall further the study and discussion on the basis of actual practice, and summarize the proven experience and good practices gained to create the development strategy and project management philosophy that are pragmatic and easy to read and understand, and firmly implement them to build our brand more influential.

Fourth, all leaders shall work at the frontline and shoulder responsibility in the new era. Whether in enterprise development or team building, leaders play an important role. Since September 5 Meeting held in 2012, MCC has witnessed rapid and sound development, and its employees have felt more fulfilled and more sense of identity. All these are attributed to the leading role of the leaders, and the concerted effort of everyone to move ahead in the same direction and forge ahead along the correct development path of "Focusing on Main Businesses of MCC, Devoting to a Wonderful MCC". Over the past years, the leaders never faltered in the development philosophy, and we were united as one. Today, as MCC has entered the new stage of high-quality development, all leaders shall shoulder responsibility, ensure the efforts for team building and work practices, apply our loyalty and passion into our founding mission, and harness our diligence to improve our conduct. To this end, we can make more contribution and fulfill our responsibility by keeping in mind the philosophy of being the national metallurgical construction team, the main force of infrastructure and the pacesetter of emerging industries to continue the path of pursuing hi-tech and high-quality development.

Liu Caiming, China Minmetals' Vice President, Chief Account and Party Group Member, and Wang Shilei, China Minmetals' Vice President and Party Group Member, accompanied the inspection tour. The leaders from China Minmetals Strategy Development Division, Environmental Protection & Safety Division and MCC, including Xue Fei, Zhang Mengxing, Cheng Dongbo, Bai Xiaohu, Wang Zirui, Zuo Zhiquan, Chen Gang and Hao Ran, were present at the site.

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