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China Minmetals Holds Video Meetings to Arrange for a New Round of Fight Against COVID-19

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On the evening of April 3 and the afternoon of April 5, China Minmetals held an operation scheduling meeting and a special conference on epidemic containment via video link. At the meetings, it forwarded the messages from SASAC in a prompt manner, and urged implementation of the instructions for epidemic control made recently by Weng Zuliang, Party Group Secretary and Chairman of China Minmetals, and Guo Wenqing, Deputy Party Group Secretary and President of China Minmetals. Besides, it made new arrangements for epidemic control, in particular the epidemic control of its affiliated enterprises in Shanghai and the construction assistance for epidemic control projects in Shanghai. Wang Shilei, Vice President and Party Group Member of China Minmetals, addressed the meetings.

On April 3, China Minmetals held an operation scheduling meeting on epidemic control. The epidemic control nationwide for now is a severe challenge and an arduous task. The number of new cases is mounting, and Shanghai is in the grip of the spread of the coronavirus. Sun Chunlan, Member of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier, went to Shanghai to direct the work for epidemic control. She also brought General Secretary Xi Jinping’s greetings and care to the government employees and the public in Shanghai. During her stay in Shanghai, she urged Shanghai to put all resources together to curb the epidemic as early as possible, a clear manifestation of the care of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core for people in Shanghai.

Since the outbreak in Shanghai, China Minmetals’s affiliated enterprises in Shanghai have played a part in epidemic control through concrete actions, and engaged in the construction of epidemic control projects in Shanghai. For example, the leaders of Shanghai Baoye, MCC Baosteel and other companies fought at the front, ensuring rapid resumption of production at a steel-making plant of Baosteel. Besides, Shanghai Branch of China MCC5 Group and China MCC20 Group participated in the construction of quarantine areas. In addition, Shanghai MCC Hospital dispatched a great number of medical workers for nucleic acid tests in affected areas in Shanghai. All these have made great contribution to epidemic control in Shanghai.

Weng Zuliang laid out some principles. For the efforts of enterprises under China Minmetals for epidemic control in Shanghai, high quality is a must, and the main leaders for these enterprises are obliged to hold themselves accountable and keep employees disciplined to ensure full implementation of epidemic control measures. The access control for construction sites, living quarters and canteens must be under strict management, and all rules for epidemic control must be followed by the staff and for the facilities; besides, closed-loop management shall be strengthened. Moreover, all support resources must be in place and response plans shall be made ready. Workplace safety must be ensured. It means that safety education before construction shall be given, and that all safety rules and work standards must be followed during construction, so as to ensure work safety while ensuring epidemic control. Division of responsibility shall be exercised to ensure the performance of each post, and constant efforts shall be made to strengthen weakest areas and scan vulnerabilities. In addition, workplace safety and epidemic control shall be reviewed on a daily basis. They shall care about leaders and employees working at the front, and keep an eye on their health. They aim to wow Chinese people with excellent performance through the fighting spirit and down-to-earth effort of their employees.

Guo Wenqing put forward the following ideas. Enterprises under China Minmetals in Shanghai shall fully implement the epidemic control rules made by competent departments of Shanghai, and fulfill responsibilities accordingly. These enterprises that participate in the preparations of quarantine areas and makeshift hospitals shall swiftly respond with thoughtful arrangements. Main leaders shall work at the front, implement epidemic control plans in full and do well in personal protection, to ensure the quality of epidemic control projects and zero case in their employees.

At the meeting, it proposed five requirements for epidemic control efforts of China Minmetals’s enterprises in Shanghai:

First, they need to raise their political stance and shoulder responsibility of fighting against COVID-19, and work hard to help Shanghai win the battle against coronavirus. Their main leaders shall serve at the front, pay close attention to epidemic control measures, define well-arranged tasks and reasonable duty shifts. They shall give full play to the exemplary role of Party branches at the primary level and Party members working at the front.

Second, they need to strengthen the medical treatment and health monitoring for the employees tested positive and with asymptomatic carriers, and ensure logistical support for the people in quarantine areas. Now, the static management mode is adopted in Shanghai, and the essentials and medical resources are in shortage. In this case, they shall closely follow health conditions of their employees and assign people to allocate resources for rational supplies.

Third, they need to proactively support epidemic control in Shanghai on the premise of ensuring epidemic control inside. As a central state-owned enterprise, MCC shall deliver high-quality mobile cabin hospitals and quarantine areas. Shanghai MCC Hospital shall follow the unified schedule of medical materials in Shanghai, balance the resources used for itself and for aid, and provide medical support for Shanghai while ensuring treatment for the patients in serious conditions.

Fourth, they need to take a science-based and targeted measure to ensure both epidemic control and production. They shall firmly push forward business operation while ensuring epidemic control, and planning ahead priorities following the outbreak. Meanwhile, they need to fully use the Internet for online and offline work to ensure stable and continuous work performance.

Fifth, they need to give full play to epidemic control teams at all levels to ensure quick response actions and unblocked information flow. The epidemic prevention and control offices of China Minmetals’s enterprises in Shanghai shall immediately report anything unusual to the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of China Minmetals to ensure no under-reporting or delayed reporting. Those enterprises shall formulate emergency response plans that are practical and effective to ensure that any emergency is handled immediately and efficiently.

On April 5, China Minmetals held a special conference on epidemic control via video link. Omicron variant which spreads much faster and has a much longer latent period is a culprit of the outbreak in Shanghai. On April 4, the number of new cases conformed in one day exceeded 10,000, and totally there were 70,000 cases, an appalling figure. The epidemic control in Shanghai is not only crucial to epidemic containment nationwide, but also to the development across China.

It was agreed at the meeting that all its affiliated enterprises involved in building mobile cabin hospitals and quarantine areas shall take the efforts for helping effective epidemic control in Shanghai. They need to follow the important guidelines made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the meeting of the Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and fully implement decisions and plans made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Meanwhile, they need to advance assistance efforts for Shanghai in accordance with the directions of the Party Group of China Minmetals, balance epidemic control and workplace safety, and proactively shoulder more responsibilities to live up to our people’s expectations.

At the meeting, seven requirements for the follow-up were put forward:

First, it is necessary to keep the command system efficient to ensure tangible outcome in all work. China Minmetals has established a Task Force for Epidemic Control in Shanghai, which aims to further strengthen coordination, actively allocate resources and ensure orderly construction of quarantine areas and makeshift hospitals.

Second, China Minmetals’ enterprises in Shanghai shall strictly follow the rules made by competent departments of Shanghai and fully implement the requirements for epidemic control in Shanghai. Employees working from home and their families shall stay at home unless there is an emergency, and they shall proactively follow directions of their communities on nucleic acid tests. Employees grounded in office buildings, plants and industrial parks shall follow the closed-up management.

Third, China Minmetals’ enterprises in Shanghai need to deliver high-quality quarantine facilities. They shall race against time to speed up construction while ensuring both epidemic control and business operation. All these actions are to demonstrate their strength, speed and quality and China Minmetals’ accountability as a central state-owned enterprise.

Fourth, Shanghai MCC Hospital shall proactively support health care in Shanghai. The hospital shall work closely with other medical organizations in Shanghai and open emergency channels for patients to ensure their health.

Fifth, it is necessary to put more efforts in logistical support. Enterprises involved shall ensure the supply of the essentials and materials for workers and of goods for daily consumption for the people grounded in offices.

Sixth, it is a must to work in strict accordance with the wartime command system. The epidemic prevention and control offices at all levels shall arrange 24-hour duty shifts and deal with any matter within 24 hours. Meanwhile, they shall keep close communication with SASAC and local governments to work together to solve difficulties.

Seventh, reports are required to cover their sense of responsibility in action. We shall, out of the sense of political responsibility and mission, give positive coverage to epidemic control, in particular fine examples, to guide public opinion of epidemic control.

Participants of this meeting included relevant leaders of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office and Party and Mass Work Department of China Minmetals and leaders of MCC and affiliated enterprises under China Minmetals in Shanghai.

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