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Guo Wenqing Attends the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics Review and Awards Ceremony

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On the morning of April 8, Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics Review and Awards Ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People. President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the ceremony and delivered an important speech. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the ceremony. Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji and Wang Qishan also attended the event, and Han Zheng announced the decision on the awards. Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary, attended the ceremony. At the ceremony, the "Flying Snow Dragon" built by China Minmetals was praised by the general secretary as a high-quality asset that benefits the people!

Xi said that thanks to seven years of arduous efforts, the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics were hosted, drawing wide attention both at home and abroad. He pointed out that by overcoming enormous difficulties, the Chinese people, along with people around the world, had once again presented Olympic Games that would go down in history and together shared the glory of Olympics.

On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, Xi extended congratulations to the awarded groups and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. He offered salutations to those who have made outstanding contributions to the preparation and hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, i.e. all the builders, workers and volunteers, all the athletes and coaches, commanders and fighters of the People's Liberation Army, the People's Armed Police Force, the public security offices and the fire and rescue services involved. He also expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the people of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as the overseas Chinese, who have supported the Games enthusiastically.

Xi stressed that a great cause nurtures a great spirit, and a great spirit promotes a great cause. The participants in the Games cherished the opportunity presented by the great era, and in the process of bidding, organizing and hosting the Games, they have created the spirit of Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The spirit of Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics is bearing in mind the big picture, being confident and open, rising to the challenges, pursuing excellence, and creating a better future together. Xi called for carrying forward the spirit of the Games, and forging ahead more confidently and more determinedly toward the second centenary goal and toward the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

Prior to the ceremony, Xi and other leaders had a cordial meeting with representatives of groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Games, as well as all members of the Chinese sports delegation, and posed for a photo.

Since the successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics, China Minmetals has always kept the country's most fundamental interests in mind, and resolutely implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Winter Olympics, especially the important speech delivered by Xi during his inspection and investigation of the Yanqing National Sliding Centre. China Minmetals completed the construction of a number of venues, operation and maintenance projects and supporting facilities for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and went all out to ensure the success of the Games. In this sense, it made its own contributions to China’s efforts to present an exciting, excellent and extraordinary Winter Olympics Games to the world.

Shanghai Baoye, a subsidiary of China Minmetals, undertook a number of projects in this Winter Olympics, including the Yanqing National Sliding Centre, the temporary facilities in the Yanqing competition zone (bid section 2), the Infectious Disease Building for PKU Third Hospital Chongli Branch and DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing Badaling. Shanghai Baoye set up an operation guarantee team of over 350 workers to serve the process from project construction to service guarantee of the National Sliding Centre. The team completed tasks including track ice making and repairing, tower broadcast, medical service, sunshade control, vehicle access services, and witnessed the process of the Chinese team winning the first Olympic medal in the Bobsleigh and Luge competition event on the "Flying Snow Dragon". Besides, Shanghai Baoye participated in the whole process of guarantee for temporary facilities of the Yanqing competition zone (bid section 2) to contribute its share to the success of the Winter Olympics. To this end, it addressed 53 new needs, handled more than 100 faults, and inspected venues for over 1,000 times. Moreover, it undertook the important tasks of maintaining the normal operation of the medical building and smooth operation of professional systems in the Infectious Disease Building of PKU Third Hospital Chongli Branch, showing a good image with practical actions. In addition, it helped the reception of 112 OBS staff from 32 countries and 167 media workers from Xinhua News Agency, Associated Press and other major media at DoubleTree by Hilton Beijing Badaling. With its efforts, it gave the helping hand to the hotel in supporting the Winter Olympics. As one of the seven contracted hotels for accommodation guarantee of Winter Olympics in Haidian District, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing affiliated to China Minmetals received broadcasters, market development partners, national (regional) Olympic committees and representatives a few news media in this event. During the process, the hotel completed the service guarantee of the Winter Olympics at a high standard, and therefore won unanimous praise from the International Olympic Organizing Committee, the Canadian Olympic Organizing Committee, Nippon TV and other guests. Based on these, China Minmetals scored high in Winter Olympics by assuming the responsibilities of central state-owned enterprises of a great country.

China Minmetals will earnestly study and comprehend the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics Review and Awards Ceremony, and vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Besides, it will stay true to the original intention with responsibility, practice the mission with concrete actions, and accelerate the construction of a world-class metal and mineral group with global influence, so as to embrace the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

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