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China Minmetals Holds a Video Conference for Deploying Tasks of Emergency Support for Mobile Cabin Hospital Construction at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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On the evening of April 9, China Minmetals held a video conference for pandemic control, at which leaders involved deployed tasks of emergency support for mobile cabin hospital construction at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Wang Shilei, Vice President and Party Group Member of China Minmetals, attended the video conference. He conveyed the latest instructions and requirements of Weng Zuliang, China Minmetals' Party Group Secretary and Chairman, and Guo Wenqing, China Minmetals' President and Deputy Party Group Secretary, and listened to reports of China Minmetals's affiliated enterprises in Shanghai on pandemic control.

After the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai, the Party Group of China Minmetals immediately set up a command team for pandemic control in Shanghai. The main leaders involved in Shanghai are working at the front and arranging assistance tasks. China Minmetals's affiliated enterprises in Shanghai are taking the initiative to shoulder their social responsibilities with concrete actions. As of April 9, five affiliated enterprises of China Minmetals in Shanghai have undertaken the construction of 20 epidemic prevention projects in Shanghai. To complete these projects, they have arranged 394 managers and 3,588 constructors. Besides, they have built a total of 3,042 rooms for isolation purposes, as well as 64,180 m2 of mobile cabin hospitals and 32,169 beds. Now, 98% of these construction tasks have been completed.

Weng Zuliang's latest instructions were conveyed at the conference: We must coordinate as a whole and strengthen organizational management, appoint responsible persons, and take detailed measures for closed-loop management. We must ensure both perfect epidemic control and high-quality completion of construction tasks. We must not only provide guarantees for employees working at the front, but also care about the physical and mental health of employees. We must perform well in completing construction tasks and providing services, and also demonstrate a good image of China Minmetals. The requirements of Guo Wenqing were also announced at the conference: At present, Shanghai has entered the "most critical and strenuous" stage of the fight against the pandemic. While presenting the satisfying epidemic control performance, all affiliated enterprises of China Minmetals in Shangha must organize high-quality resources under the overall arrangement of China Minmetals to actively undertake the epidemic control projects, and contribute China Minmetals' strength to Shanghai's victory over the pandemic.

At the conference, the leaders involved announced the emergency deployment for supporting mobile cabin hospital construction at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). They confirmed that Shanghai Baoye and China MCC20 Group would jointly undertake this emergency construction task, and that MCC Baosteel Technology Services Co., Ltd. and other Shanghai-based affiliated enterprises of China Minmetals would offer full cooperation. After the conference, Shanghai Baoye and China MCC20 Group immediately began to assemble their teams. That night, a total of 778 workers from Shanghai Baoye and 560 workers from China MCC20 Group went to the construction site overnight.

After listening to the reports on epidemic control of each affiliated enterprise of China Minmetals in Shanghai, the leaders involved concluded at the conference that these enterprises worked and pulled together in the tough battle against the pandemic in Shanghai, demonstrating strong cohesion and combat capability. Six requirements for related work, as indicated below, were proposed at the conference. First, all affiliated enterprises of China Minmetals in Shanghai must strictly implement the regulations on epidemic control in Shanghai, obey the overall arrangement for epidemic prevention by Shanghai, and carry out closed-loop management. Second, they must coordinate production and operation, epidemic control and support for epidemic prevention in Shanghai in a scientific way. Third, they must provide humanistic care for employees who are quarantined at home and ensure that the normal living needs of their families are guaranteed and that their emotions are stable. Fourth, they must complete tasks as scheduled despite enormous pressure and many difficulties. Fifth, they must continue to actively participate in the construction of projects such as isolation rooms and mobile cabin hospitals. Sixth, they shall perform well in construction of epidemic control facilities under the overall arrangement of China Minmetals. During the process, they should show the speed and quality, accountability and brand influence of China Minmetals, and continue to contribute China Minmetals' strength.

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