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China Minmetals Holds a Video Conference for Deploying Tasks of Emergency Support for Construction of Shanghai Lingang Mobile Cabin Hospital

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On the evening of April 11, China Minmetals held a video conference for supporting the construction of Shanghai Lingang Mobile Cabin Hospital, on which related work was arranged urgently. Wang Shilei, Vice President and Party Group Member of China Minmetals, presided over the conference, and Chen Jianguang, Vice President and Party Group Member of China Minmetals, attended the conference. Other participants include responsible persons of China Minmetals' Epidemic Prevention and Control Office and Party and Mass Work Department, China Metallurgical Group Corporation ("MCC" for short) and related organizations.

The conference announced the task of building Lingang Mobile Cabin Hospital. The hospital covers an area of 26.7 ha. and is designed with a total of 16,100 beds. Its construction is of great significance for Shanghai to further contain the COVID-19 outbreak. The Shanghai Municipal People's Government has assigned this important construction task to China Minmetals, indicating that the government highly recognizes the construction speed and quality of China Minmetals. Under this background, we must go all out to complete the task with high quality.

It was pointed out at the conference that it is a duty-bound responsibility of central state-owned enterprises to support the construction of mobile cabin hospitals in Shanghai. Since this construction project has a tight schedule and heavy tasks, China Minmetals must send its best staff, integrate all its resources and mobilize all its forces to ensure its implementation. In addition, MCC must send experienced on-site management teams and sufficient constructors, determine material demand and formulate procurement plans. MCC must also ensure that the first batch of constructors enter the construction site as soon as possible. China Minmetals and MCC must obey the unified command and dispatch orders of the competent department of Shanghai, and do their best to race against time.

It was also proposed at the conference that all construction teams should pay attention to their own epidemic prevention and control work in terms of all round protection of people and property, strengthen closed-loop management, and ensure no cluster outbreak.

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