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China Minmetals Corporation (CMC), restructured from two Fortune Global 500 companies, namely China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Group, is China’s largest and highly international metals and minerals corporate group, and also the largest and strongest in metallurgical construction and operation services globally. Headquartered in Beijing, CMC now has RMB 1.6 trillion in total assets, including owned assets worth RMB 813.9 billion and financial assets under management worth RMB 814.2 billion. CMC’s foreign institutions, resource projects and construction projects are operating in more than 60 countries and regions. In 2016, CMC achieved operating income of RMB 435.5 billion yuan, taking the 120th place in Fortune Global 500 and ranked the 1st among global metal enterprises.

Enjoying unique competitive advantage, CMC takes the lead in running a whole industrial chain ranging from resources acquisition, exploration, project design, construction, operation, and circulation to intensive processing, and is able to provide systematic solutions to metals and minerals companies and render services for the whole lifecycle of project construction and operation.

With abundant resources and reserves in metals and minerals, CMC has overseas mines throughout Asia, Australia, South America and Africa, and owns a series of world-class mines with high quality at home and abroad, belonging to the first-tier companies in the world for resources of copper, zinc and nickel, and taking the top place in tungsten, antimony and bismuth resources globally. With core technology advantage as well as design and construction strength covering all sectors, the Corporation shoulders more than 90% of the design and construction work in China’s large-and-medium sized steel mills and 60% of metallurgical construction projects around the world, regarded as the “national team” in the metallurgical construction industry. CMC is also the world’s largest producer of tungsten resources and cemented carbide. Boasting fully-fledged trade and circulation network globally, the Corporation conducts procurement and marketing internationally and takes the first place in circulation scale of metals and minerals.

CMC also has proportionate and diversified assets portfolio to offset cyclical fluctuation in metals and minerals industry, contributing to the sustainable development of the Corporation. As to urban transportation infrastructure, CMC is a leading comprehensive solution expert in urban construction, and has completed a number of comprehensive development projects in various new city areas. Meanwhile, with full licenses in finance services, CMC shows remarkable strengths in the business of trust, leasing and security. Furthermore, CMC is among the first batch of 16 central SOEs authorized to have real estate as main business by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the subsidiaries such as Minmetals Land and MCC Real Estate are well-renowned in the industry. In respect of strategic emerging industries, the Corporation has significant competitive edge due to its early development in six aspects including construction of underground pipe gallery, Sponge City and themed projects.

With outstanding talents and technologies, CMC deserves to be regarded as the pacemaker in China’s metals and minerals industry. It is equipped with more than 80,000 professionals and 32 national sci-tech innovation platforms and key laboratories, as well as 20,000 effective patents accumulatively.

Under new situation, CMC, with 200,000 employees, is adhering to a development philosophy of “Cherishing Limited Resources and Pursue Sustainable Development”, and actively committed to the corporate spirit of “Never delaying and never slacking”. Through building a state-owned capital investment company in the area of metals and minerals, CMC is striving for the glorious mission of “safeguarding resources security, innovating industrial upgrading and driving circulation transformation”, and making unremitting efforts to become a world-class metals and minerals corporate group.

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