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Since its inception, China Minmetals Corporation (China Minmetals) has traversed an arduous and glorious journey of nearly 70 years. Now, it has grown from a small trading firm into a leading global conglomerate focused on metals and minerals. China Minmetals possesses a vertically-integrated production chain with metal & mineral business at the core, fully takes part in international competitions, has a high position in the industry and enjoys a good reputation in the world”. China Minmetals runs a whole industry chain ranging from resources acquisition, exploration, project design, construction and operation to circulation, and provides financial services, real estate and urban infrastructure construction services. The thing that China Minmetals is most proud of is that it has 200 thousand employees, who work at home and abroad to strive to build China Minmetals into a “world-class metals and minerals corporate group”.

In 1950, China Mineral Corp (one of the predecessors of China Minmetals) was established in Beijing, embarking on a journey that has changed the global metal and mineral industry. In the past 60-plus years, generations of employees of China Minmetals witnessed and took part in the eventful course of the development of China’s economy, and fulfilled the glorious missions bestowed on us by the Party and country during the different historical periods. By fully leveraging its role as the main channel for China’s import & export trade, China Minmetals has made historic contributions to the restoration and development of the industrial base of the New China; we concentrate on the overall interests of the country and take moves by relying on our internal impetus, with a purpose of making greater achievements in the course of reform and opening up as China’s economic structural reform sees market-based commercial organizational change featuring independent management; in the new century, China Minmetals has spent nearly 20 years in carrying out its strategic transformation in all respects, and we pass on the traditions and continue to expand the business operations of the corporation, for the purpose of realizing our dreams with great passion. We have realized a rapid growth that is unusual in the development history of the global mining industry by taking the favorable opportunity of China’s economic boom. Now, China Minmetals takes the 120th place in Fortune Global 500 and has become an important player with strong influence and comprehensive competitive power in the global mining market. With strong capabilities of acquisition, exploration and operation of metal and mineral resources, China Minmetals is taking solid strides towards achieving its goal of being a world-leading company, particularly in the field of metallurgical engineering construction. We never stop and are marching forward, with flourishing and steady financial and real estate business development, clear planning and appropriate deployment of the new materials business and improving scientific research and innovation capabilities.

Now, we have once again reached a new historical starting point. China has ushered in a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the Chinese nation has stood up, grown rich, and is becoming strong. The new era calls for a new China Minmetals, and the new target guides us to embark on a new journey. As it was clearly pointed out in the report delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 19th National Congress of the CPC, China’s economy has been transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development, and China will turn its enterprises into world-class, globally competitive firms. As China's largest and highly international metals and minerals corporate group, the world's largest metallurgical construction contractor and metallurgical operation and service provider, and also China's only state-owned capital investment company in the areas of metals and minerals, China Minmetals, a metal & mineral giant that takes part in competitions of the global metal & mineral industry on behalf of China, will shoulder the missions and tasks in high-quality development and turning Chinese enterprises into world-class, globally competitive firms. Guided by the strategy of “meeting China’s demands for metal and mineral resources”, we must bear in mind the business position of China Minmetals as “a main force for safeguarding resources security, a national team of metallurgical construction and a comprehensive industrial service provider”, actively practice the corporate philosophy of "Cherishing Limited Resources and Pursue Sustainable Development", shoulder the lofty missions bestowed on us by the Party and country in the new era, and drive China Minmetals to attain world-class level with high efficiency and high quality.

China Minmetals has sounded the clarion for a new era, we, in the times of peace and prosperity, shoulder heavy responsibilities. We are full of courage and confidence when we go forward since we are under the firm leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC with Xi Jinping at the core, and with supports from our business partners, stakeholders and friends from all walks of life. In the future, we would like to cooperate with all parties concerned, stick together in times of difficulty, and make the corporation become stronger, do better, and grow bigger, so as to make greater contributions to the prosperity of the global metal & mineral industry!


                            Tang Fuping   

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