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  China Minmetals Corporation is a leading global conglomerate focused on exploration & development, refining & processing, and trading of metal and mineral products, as well as providing financial services, real estate construction, and mining & metallurgy technologies. Over the past 60-plus years, China Minmetals has beautifully painted a history of development. It has grown from the main channel for China’s imports of construction materials, to a professional trader of metal and mineral products having presence in global markets, and to a transnational corporation now possessing a vertically-integrated, trade-based and resource-backed production chain. 

As the Chinese economy has now entered a new normal, optimizing industrial structure and improving the quality of development will be the main task in the coming period. As the market will usher in more competition and challenges, the traditional metal and mining industry must take the initiative to adapt to the new situation and make positive changes and adjustments. Only those enterprises which have the strength, ability and responsibility will become the winner and true industry leader, and shape the future pattern of China’s metal and mining industry. 

Faced with such national economic trends and changes in industry trends, we will actively meet the challenges and seize the opportunity to open a new era of development and create a grand “Dream of Minmetals”. It is our dream to become a world-class conglomerate in the metal and mineral industry, a dream to safeguard the demand for metal and mineral resources, a dream to lead the transformation and upgrading of China’s mining industry, a dream to develop steadily amid periodic fluctuations and also, a dream of glory to everybody here. 

The “Dream of Minmetals” is our vision for the future and also a guide to action based on realities. We are now taking firm steps on the road to that dream. Specifically, our reserves of quality resources have increased significantly, and we have the world's largest copper mine project under construction, the Las Bambas project, and will become the largest copper producer in Asia and among the top 10 in the world after it has been put into production. In addition, our global trade network centered in “the Belt and Road” region is taking shape, the Xinyilian e-commerce platform has rapidly grown into a leading third-party steel spot trading platform, and initial results in the transformation of metal and mining trading have been achieved. Moreover, breakthroughs in key technologies have been made in deep processing of advantageous products like tungsten, rare earth, etc. We have strengthened efforts in new product development, and will play an important role in the "Made in China 2025". 

Guided by the “Dream of Minmetals”, China Minmetals has sounded the clarion call for a new start. We will move forward toward that dream by hard working and persevering efforts, and more importantly, the support from our partners and stakeholders. Thank you for your understanding and support in the past and, hopefully, also in the future. We are willing to join hands with you to promote the sustainable development and contribute more to the prosperity of China’s metal and mining industry!

                                He Wenbo   

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