President Zhou Paid Visit to Leaders of Liaoning Provincial Committee and Government in Shenyang

China Minmetals Corporation
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On April 19, President Zhou Zhongshu and Senior Vice President Feng Guiquan led a delegation to Shenyang, Liaoning Province to pay a visit to Wang Min, Secretary of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee and Provincial Governor Chen Zhenggao. During the meeting, President Zhou first extended his gratitude to the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee and Provincial Government for their support and helps for years, and briefed on the operation performance of Minmetals in 2010 and achievements in strategic transformation during the ¡°11th 5-Year Plan¡± period. According to President Zhou, Minmetals enjoys good conditions for development in Liaoning, which is known as a major province of economy, industry and resources. The two sides entered into a framework agreement for economic and technical cooperation in 2006, and they should enhance cooperation in major fields during the development period of the ¡°12th 5-Year Plan¡±. President Zhou also introduced the projects invested by Minmetals in Liaoning Province, and highlighted the great development potential of Minmetals in Liaoning Province in the future. Secretary Wang Min spoke highly of the great significance of investment projects like the China Minmetals (Yingkou) Industrial Park and China Minmetals (Yingkou) Steel Plant to the economic development in Liaoning, fully affirmed its contributions to economic development in Liaoning, and expressed his wish for enhanced cooperation with Minmetals during the ¡°12th 5-Year Plan¡± period.

Xu Weiguo, member of Standing Committee of CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Liaoning Province and the directors of relevant government agencies attended the meeting. Zong Qingsheng, Assistant President of Minmetals and General Manager of the Minmetals Investment Management Department, He Jianzeng, Assistant President of Minmetals and General Manager of Minmetals Ferrous Mining Business Center, Director Ma Jun and Deputy Director Chi Daqian of Minmetals General Office, Tian Jingqi, Deputy General Manager of Minmetals Real Estate and Construction Business Center, Zhang Shuqiang, Deputy General Manager of the Finance Department, Zhang Ye, Deputy General Manager and CFO Feng Yabo of Minmetals Ferrous Mining Business Center also attended the meeting.

During his visit, President Zhou and the delegation also visited the construction site of ¡°Minmetals Wanquan Gongyuan¡±, a real estate project invested by Minmetals Real Estate in Shenyang, and were briefed by the management team of Shenyang Project Company on its development. President Zhou fully affirmed project development and sales momentum, and required Minmetals Real Estate to develop quality projects in Shenyang and achieve good demonstration effect.