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Action guide, value orientation, enterprise spirit
Striving to become a world-class company, taking a leading role in self-independent innovation, developing a problem-solving mindset, pursuing perfection in quality and cultivating the striving spirit for success.


Striving to become a world-class company——

Building a world-class metals and minerals enterprise with global competitiveness is not only a key choice of China Minmetals to implement national strategies and seize opportunities of the times, but also an initiative selection to practice our own missions and tasks and ground our work in our own development stage. We should always pursue the dream of being a world-class enterprise. We ground our work in the new stage of development, apply the new development philosophy, foster a new pattern of development, and continue to promote high-quality development.

Taking a leading role in self-independent innovation——

Adhering to independent innovation is the only way to achieve a high level of self-reliance in science and technology. We should put scientific and technological innovation at the core of the enterprise's overall development, strengthen innovation on increment, integration, application and mode, and give full play to the supporting role of innovation mechanisms. Besides, we work to solve problems that hinder our development, speed up the iteration and upgrading of core technologies, and transform our technological strength into market leading benefits.

Developing a problem-solving mindset——

Adhering to a problem-solving approach is a working attitude and method, more importantly, an awareness of potential dangers and a sense of responsibility. We should take identifying problems and putting forward questions as a start point of our work, and set solving problems and answering questions as an objective. We should identify changes accurately, respond to changes scientifically and drive reform actively through investigation, research and scientific analysis, so as to taken an initiative to solve difficulties in enterprise reform and development.

Pursuing perfection in quality——

Constant pursuing for greater excellence means securing the quality with ingenuity. It is also the inevitable pursuit of improving the quality of supply and promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise. We should continuously advance our self-reform, take the most advanced as a benchmark, strengthen our working capability and quality of product & service following the spirit of constant striving for perfection, and work hard to deliver working results with higher quality in tasks.

Cultivating the striving spirit for success——

The fortitude to win is the faith, wisdom and power of winning needed to overcome risks and challenges. We should brave dangers and difficulties to progress with great courage and correct ways, and stay true to our original aspiration and forge ahead tirelessly. Meanwhile, we should consciously integrate personal aspirations and corporate objectives into the overall work of the Party and country, and create new achievements and write a new chapter in history during refinement.
Strategic vision
To be a world-class metals and minerals enterprise with global competitiveness.


The strategic vision of being a world-class metals and minerals enterprise with global competitiveness is a significant manifestation of China Minmetals' implementation of the strategic requirement of "building world-class enterprises with global competitiveness" put forward by the CPC Central Committee for the state-owned enterprises. We should build world-class capabilities in high-quality development, management and coordination, scientific research and innovation, international competition and culture shaping, thus to advance China Minmetals to achieve the world-class goals.
Original aspiration and founding mission
Take serving and reinvigorating the country through metal and mining industry as our original aspiration and founding mission, and strive to become a main force to ensure the security of resources and a national team to upgrade the metallurgical industry.


"Serving and reinvigorating the country through metal and mining industry"

runs throughout the whole development process of China Minmetals. This original aspiration is an inheritance of genes, the mission we shoulder, more importantly, our eternal pursuit. It is required to uphold strategic, dialectical, systematic and bottom-line thinkings, and to make its key responsibility and major business even stronger, better, and larger.

The dream of being a main force to ensure the security of resources

means that in the field of metals and minerals, we should accelerate the construction of mine bases at home and abroad for resources in short supply in the domestic market, obtain and expand supply channels of resources, improve our ability to safeguard the national scarce and strategic mineral resources, and give full play a role of main force in resources acquisition.

The dream of being a national team to upgrade the metallurgical industry

means that in the field of metallurgical engineering, we should, with our leading core technology, ability of constant reform and innovation and irreplaceable integration advantage of metallurgical whole industry chain, shoulder the national responsibility of leading China's metallurgical industry to a higher level until the center of the world stage.