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Weng Zuliang Visits the Minmetals Mining Holdings Limited to Investigate the Building of Digital Enterprise Brains and Holds Discussions with the Leadership Group Members of the Enterprise

China Minmetals Corporation 2023-05-17

On May 10th, Weng Zuliang, Party Group Secretary and Chairman of China Minmetals, visited the Hefei Headquarters of Minmetals Mining Holdings Limited to investigate the building of digital enterprise brains, and held discussions and exchanges with leadership group members of Minmetals Mining Holdings Limited.

At the Production Operation Scheduling and Command Center, Weng Zuliang inspected the operation of six digital modules, including production monitoring and scheduling, safety and environmental protection supervision, mechanical and electrical equipment security, key project control, production material protection and main product marketing models, as well as the resource and technology information system. He emphasized the need to deepen the building of digital enterprise brains, clearly define the content of management and control, highlight key elements, expand data depth, establish data links, and leverage the forecasting and warning functions of the platform. On such basis, work instructions should be included in the control process, progress should be presented in a real-time, and feedback on results should be emphasized to form a closed loop of work. At the same time, continuous optimization and improvement should be made based on changes in business and iteration of information technology, so as to empower the enterprise’s production, operation and strategic development.

Subsequently, Weng Zuliang had discussions and exchanges with leadership group members of Minmetals Mining Holdings Limited, and provided guiding opinions on the future development of the Company. First, the Company should closely focus on growing stronger, better and bigger, and strive to become a world-class enterprise. Second, the Company should pay attention to upgrade its core functions, continuously improving competitiveness, innovation strength, control power, influence and risk resistance capability. Third, the Company should emphasize on Party building to facilitate and guarantee production and operation. Fourth, the Company should closely supervise the critical minority and build a competent team of leadership.

Members of the leadership team of China Minmetals, including Zhu Kebing and Wang Shilei participated in the investigation and discussion.