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China Minmetals held a mobilization meeting for deepening and advancing reform

China Minmetals Corporation 2023-10-13

On October 11, China Minmetals held a meeting mobilizing the actions for deepening and upgrading the reform of SOEs, which aims to thoroughly study the fundamental guidance provided by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and Party building, comprehensively implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council regarding the actions for deepening and upgrading the reform of SOEs, and seriously carry out the work plan of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). At the meeting, a comprehensive arrangement was made for the new round of reform tasks. Weng Zuliang, Party Group Secretary and Chairman of China Minmetals attended and addressed the meeting. Guo Wenqing, President and Deputy Party Group Secretary of China Minmetals, presided over the meeting. Wang Jiezhi, Deputy Party Group Secretary and Director, and Wang Shilei, Party Group Member and Vice-General Manager, attended the meeting.

Weng Zuliang pointed out that we need to deeply recognize the importance of implementing the actions for deepening and upgrading the reform of SOEs, and bear in mind the general objectives, principles, and requirements for the reform and development of SOEs in the new era on the new journey. It's crucial to accurately comprehend the aspects changed and unchanged in the new round of SOE reform, and make good use of key reform strategies. At the same time, we should practice the "Five Core Principles", and proactively align with the overall development goals of the Party and the nation based on the "Five Action Plans" and the building of "Five Types of China Minmetals".

Weng Zuliang emphasized that we should serve the national strategic objectives, enhance our sense of mission and responsibility, and fully leverage our roles in scientific & technological innovation, industrial control, and safety support; we should improve modern governance, and optimize the organizational structure and institutional mechanism to develop into a modern state-owned enterprise with Chinese characteristics; we should steadfastly strengthen the organizational foundation and nurture the corporate spirit, comprehensively enhance the Party's leadership and Party building, and guide and ensure high-quality development with high-quality Party building; we also need to strengthen organizational leadership, ensure that reforms yield tangible results, and carry out the tasks with the spirit of perseverance to ensure the proper theoretical attainment, fulfillment of responsibilities, institutional guarantee, supervision and assessment, and promotion and publicity.

Guo Wenqing put forward requirements for implementing the guiding principles of the meeting, emphasizing the need to elevate our political stance, and closely follow and resolutely implement the significant decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee regarding the new round of actions for deepening and advancing reform. It is crucial to identify the main reform tasks, seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and successfully accomplish the new tasks and objectives. To achieve this goal, we should resolutely shoulder the political responsibility, categorize the work by levels and types, carry out our work in stages, and conduct targeted, differentiated, and personalized reform explorations.

At the meeting, the Enterprise Management Division introduced the implementation plan for China Minmetals' actions for deepening and advancing reform. Representatives from China Tungsten and Hightech Materials Co., Ltd., China Tungsten and Hightech Materials Co., Ltd. (China Tungsten), Hunan Nonferrous Group (HNG), MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited, and Shanghai Baoye Group Corporation Ltd. delivered speeches and shared their experiences. At the meeting, representatives of outstanding enterprises, advanced units, and outstanding individuals that have contributed to the three-year reform of China Minmetals were awarded.

More than 730 people, including non-executive senior managers of China Minmetals, heads of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team, main leaders of various departments at the headquarters, main leaders of directly-managed enterprises and key subsidiaries, as well as members of reform work teams and relevant department heads, attended the meeting onsite or via video link.