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Weng Zuliang Meets with Jiang Liansheng, Secretary of the CPC Wuzhou Municipal Committee

China Minmetals Corporation 2023-10-25

On October 24, Weng Zuliang, Party Group Secretary and Chairman of China Minmetals, met with Jiang Liansheng, Secretary of the CPC Wuzhou Municipal Committee.

Weng Zuliang expressed his welcome to Jiang Liansheng and his delegation. He pointed out that as an important force of central state-owned enterprises, China Minmetals had always assumed and actively implemented the original mission of "serving and reinvigorating the country through the metals and minerals industry", and had been determined to fulfill the important responsibility of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices of mineral resources by focusing on main business of metals and minerals. In recent years, China Minmetals has not only maintained a steady growth in enterprise size, but also placed greater emphasis on achieving high-quality and valuable development. On the other hand, Wuzhou boasts a solid industrial foundation, a long history and rich culture, and abundant mineral resources. So its industrial development has a good foundation and huge potential. Weng hoped that both sides can build on the friendly cooperation of both sides in the past, continue to leverage their respective strengths, and further cooperate in terms of serving national strategies, promoting future industrial development, and using complementary resource advantages. He also wished that both sides would jointly promote further cooperation in infrastructure, metal trade, renewable energy, and other fields so as to achieve common development featuring mutual benefit and win-win.

Jiang Liansheng said that Wuzhou, with a long history and prospering business industry, is a city with a solid foundation in light industry and also the birthplace of Lingnan culture. In recent years, Wuzhou has actively strengthened its strategic cooperation with ASEAN, maintained a stable economic and social development trend, and formed five pillar industries of renewable resources, high-end new metal materials, building materials, food & medicine, and photovoltaic & electronics. Wuzhou and China Minmetals have always maintained long-term friendly cooperation. It is hoped that both sides can further enhance mutual understanding, and strengthen communication and exchange. To be specific, it is wished that they would jointly explore cooperation opportunities in fields such as photovoltaic cells and metal resource recycling, and work together to promote deeper and more practical cooperation in the future.

The meeting was attended by Wang Dongming, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, and Wen Feng, a temporary cadre stationed in Wuzhou by China Minmetals, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuzhou Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor. Participants also included the relevant leaders from the Wuzhou authority and China Minmetals.